Fall 2012 TV Round-Up: Fridays!

I feel no guilt at all for this post being so late, and that’s because the only show actually premiering tonight is Haven, and who cares about that one, really? Maybe you do and I’m being an asshole, but I don’t, so whatever.

Anyway, the important thing to remember about Friday night TV is FRINGE and COMMUNITY, the final season of the former and the first Dan Harmon-less season of the latter. Mostly, though, Friday remains a barren wasteland where networks put out their old shows to die. Like old horses about to croak, or embarrassing horses that fart all the time or something. Also, old people shows.


  • Malibu Country, ABC 8:30/9:30 Central — Lily Tomlin and Reba McEntire? Huh? And this sitcom is proof that Reba is incapable of playing a character that isn’t named ‘Reba.’ (Premieres 11/2/12)
  • Made in Jersey, CBS 9/8 Central — Apparently inspired by a single scene in The Fighter, a movie which I did not see, this show also has that guy who was in Dune and Twin Peaks, whose name I actually know but I’m being obnoxious. (Premieres 9/28/12)


NBC, 8:30/7:30 Central

No Dan Harmon + the new showrunners being from Happy Endings + Hunger Games parodies + James Brolin as Jeff’s father = I don’t know? Look, I have no idea, you guys. This is either going be a constant sad echo of its former self, to varying degrees, or it’s going to suck balls. I’m going to prepare for that last thing so at least I will be pleasantly surprised, but my sub-conscious is cautiously optimistic. There’s also a small part up in there that doesn’t care either way because all it wants is to see Donald Glover cry and talk about butt stuff. (Premieres 10/19/12)

FOX, 8/9 Central

The Observers have traveled back in time to take over the world, because they totally fucked it up in the future. It’s up to Team Fringe, frozen in amber for twenty years, to stop them. This show has basically gone full sci-fi, and I couldn’t be happier. And as long as we get to see Fauxlivia and Lincoln again sometime this season, I will be perfectly content with whatever this show decides to throw at me. (Premieres 9/28/12)

Other Shows:

  • Whitney, NBC 8/7 Central — It’s still here, you guys, and yeah, I’m still watching. But Jonathan left to go back to 30 Rock, so yay! (Premieres 10/19/12)
  • CSI: NY, CBS 8/7 Central — See whatever I wrote for CSI and then just add “in New York” to it and we’ll be good. (Premieres 9/28/12)
  • Last Man Standing, 8/7 Central — Tim Allen’s latest sitcom has now been put to pasture, alongside the new Reba show. (Premieres 11/2/12)
  • Touch, FOX 8/7 Central — Tim Kring is still at it, this time with Kiefer Sutherland. (Premieres 10/26/12)
  • Grimm, NBC  9/8 Central — I watched the first five episodes of this show and then gave up, but I’ve heard it’s really coming into its own now. Will have to catch up in the future. (Premiered 8/13/12)
  • Nikita, CW 9/8 Central — Shane West is hot. (Premieres 10/19/12)
  • Blue Bloods, CBS 10/9 Central — Tom Selleck’s moustache! Does he still have a moustache? I’m going to picture him with a moustache. (Premieres 9/28/12)
  • Haven, Syfy 10/9 Central — This little show is most notable for having finally given Eric Balfour a role that lasted more than two episodes. (Premieres 9/21/12)

For Sunday: Once Upon a Time, Revenge, thingy.

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