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Welcome to Big Damn Heroes, home of Heather Anne, Ashley, Gretchen and Abigail, and home of The Farscape Rewatch! This page catalogs all the various Farscape Rewatch posts in chronological order all in one place, for your convenience. Your convenience (and happiness and safety and sanity, etc.) are very important to us. Thank you, and come again.

But first, here are some ground rules:

  • Do not post spoilers in the comments. If you want to talk about spoilers, make sure you make it clear in your comment that you are about to do so, i.e. [SPOILERS!!!!]. Some people don’t care about being spoiled, but some people really, really do.
  • On a related note, please try to keep discussion limited to the episode(s) we’re currently watching.
  • Profanity is A-OK, but disrespect and harassment is not. You will be blocked.
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  • Thoughtful interaction with your Rewatch Leader and other Rewatchers is very, very welcome. Discussion be the point, mateys.

A special thank you goes to Emily for taking the time to ignore law school in order to make me lovely graphics. Feel free to use them on your own site, if you should feel so inclined. Take your pick: square or rectangle.

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Season One

Week One: “Premiere,” “I, E.T.”
Week Two: “Exodus From Genesis,” “Throne For a Loss”
Week Three: “Back and Back and Back to the Future,” “Thank God It’s Friday . . . Again”
Week Four: “PK Tech Girl,” “That Old Black Magic”
Week Five: “DNA Mad Scientist,” “They’ve Got a Secret”
Week Six: “Till the Blood Runs Clear,” “Rhapsody in Blue”
Week Seven: “The Flax,” “Jeremiah Crichton”
Week Eight: “Durka Returns,” “A Human Reaction”
Week Nine: “Through the Looking Glass,” “A Bug’s Life”
Week Ten: “Nerve,” “The Hidden Memory”
Week Eleven: “Bone to Be Wild,” “Family Ties”

Season Two

Week Twelve: “Mind the Baby,” “Vitas Mortis”
Week Thirteen: “Taking the Stone,” “Crackers Don’t Matter”
Week Fourteen: “Picture If You Will,” “The Way We Weren’t”
Week Fifteen: “Home on the Remains,” “Dream a Little Dream”
Week Sixteen: “Out of Their Minds,” “My Three Crichtons”
Week Seventeen: “Look at the Princess, Part I: A Kiss is But a Kiss,” “Part II: I Do, I Think,” “Part III: The Maltese Crichton”
Week Eighteen: “Beware of Dog,” “Won’t Get Fooled Again”
Week Nineteen: “The Locket”
Week Twenty: “The Ugly Truth,” “A Clockwork Nebari”
Week Twenty-One: “Liars, Guns and Money, Part I: A Not So Simple Plan,” “Part II: With Friends Like These,” “Part III: Plan B”
Week Twenty-Two: “Die Me, Dichotomy”

Season Three

Week Twenty-Three: “Season of Death,” “Suns and Lovers”
Week Twenty-Four: “Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part I: Could’a, Would’a, Should’a,” “Part II: Wait for the Wheel”
Week Twenty-Five: “. . . Different Destinations,” “Eat Me”
Week Twenty-Six:
“Thanks For Sharing,” “Green-Eyed Monster”
Week Twenty-Seven: “Losing Time,” “Relativity”
Week Twenty-Eight: “Incubator,” “Meltdown,” “Scratch ‘n Sniff”
Week Twenty-Nine: “Infinite Possibilities, Part I: Daedalus Demands,” “Part II: Icarus Abides”
Week Thirty: “Revenging Angel,” “The Choice”
Week Thirty-One: “Fractures,” “I-Yensch, You-Yensch”
Week Thirty-Two: “Into the Lion’s Den, Part I: Lambs to the Slaughter,” “Part II: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”
Week Thirty-Three: “Dog With Two Bones”

Season Four

Week Thirty-Four: “Crichton Kicks”
Week Thirty-Five: “What Was Lost, Part I: Sacrifice,” “Part II: Resurrection”
Week Thirty-Six: “Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing,” “Promises”
Week Thirty-Seven: “Natural Election,” “John Quixote”
Week Thirty-Eight: “I Shrink Therefore I Am,” “A Prefect Murder,” “Coup By Clam”
Week Thirty-Nine: “Unrealized Reality,” “Kansas,” “Terra Firma”
Week Forty: “Twice Shy,” “Mental as Anything”
Week Forty-One: “Bringing Home the Beacon,” “A Constellation of Doubt”
Week Forty-Two: “Prayer”
Week Forty-Three: “We’re So Screwed, Part I: Fetal Attraction,” “Part II: Hot to Katratzi,” “Part III: La Bomba”
Week Forty-Four: “Bad Timing”

Peacekeeper Wars
[Coming Soon]

– – –

*All Trivia on these posts is collected from TV.com, The Farscape Encyclopedia Project, Snurcher, Wikipedia, or DVD commentaries.

17 Responses to “Farscape Rewatch! The Archives”
  1. Abigail says:

    This page is so cool! How did you make it? I’m in awe.

  2. myoctober says:

    Bravo on the sweet graphics.

  3. Max says:

    Week 19’s link is broken…

  4. Friso says:

    Well that is bizarre – I received a Farscape Rewatch! notification about “Liars, Guns and Money”, but it doesn’t seem to be here yet/anymore? I shall wait impatiently..

  5. Geryalex says:

    Did you ever finish the rewatch? The last working link is for Week Twenty…

    • Ashley says:

      GAH. No. I have been working on my latest post for about nine months. I am so behind. (It’s over 2/3 of the way written, though. I just have to FINISH IT.)

  6. Kate says:

    No more rewatch makes me sad. See? :(

  7. dana says:

    Started reading your rewatch, and then when it ended went looking for others. there are no others anywhere near as good. jonesing for your rewatch guide only. :(

    • Ashley says:

      Ohhhh, man. Thanks for the nice words. I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to this project. Life keeps getting in the way. Maybe some day?

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