Fall 2012 TV Round-Up: Thursdays!

Oh, Thursdays. I still love you, even if Community and Fringe did get kicked out of your club, and even if The Office kind of sucks now (keeping our eye on this one) and it and 30 Rock are both ending this year. I mean, Scandal and Last Resort (if it lasts) are pretty good TV, I guess, but those are just two shows, and this is Must See TV night we’re talking about here. Basically what I’m saying is that next year you will most likely suck, but this year you’re okay, so enjoy it while it lasts, buddy.

Before I get to the nitty gritty, though, I want you to think about this, dude: If you don’t get some seriously quality shows on your roster, you’ll be killing a TV tradition over twenty years in the making. Thursday night used to be THE NIGHT and now it’s just a night. You should feel ashamed of yourself. Get your shit together.


Last Resort
ABC, 8/7 Central

Shawn Ryan tries again, with the rogue crew of a submarine containing nuclear weapons who break away from the US when ordered to fire nukes at Pakistan. The crew of the sub sets up shop on a fictional island, declaring sovereignty, which they can do because they have nuclear bombs. Perhaps this time Ryan’s brainchild will end up more The Shield and less Terriers in terms of longevity (although I have to confess that I like Terriers way more than I like The Shield — anti-heroes just ain’t my thing — PS: WATCH TERRIERS, it is streaming on Netflix). Ryan cut his teeth on Nash Bridges and studied under the thumb of Master Whedon for years on Angel before breaking off on his own to create several smart, well-received shows that the general public just couldn’t be brought to give a flying fuck about. I’m hoping this time, with a more high-concept premise and the lead-duo of Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman (Felicity!) behind him, the general public will give some fucks, maybe even flying ones. Also, Dichen Lachman is in this and I LOVE HER. If you watch any new drama this year, it should be this one. (Premieres 9/27/12)

Other Shows:

  • Beauty and the Beast, CW 8/9 Central — I hear this is god-awful. On the plus side, it has made me dive into the old B&tB series with Linda Hamilton, which is streaming on Netflix. Two thumbs up for that one. (Premieres 10/11/12)
  • Elementary, CBS 10/9 Central — This series is CBS capitalizing on the success of Sherlock (<3) and RDJ’s Sherlock Holmes movies, except with Lucy Liu as Watson. I refuse to admit that this show is a good idea. Watch Last Resort instead — it will need ratings help to stay on the air, and this won’t. On the other hand, I am completely biased and you might not want to listen to me — about this, anyway. (Premieres 9/27/12)


30 Rock
NBC, 8/7 Central

Prepare to say goodbye to Liz Lemon and company, as the wacky televised adventures of 30 Rockefeller Plaza are coming to an end after seven seasons. I hope Liz Lemon gets her baby and that she marries Criss Chros. I hope she gets to go to there, wherever there is. I wish good hair and pressed power suits for Jack Donaghy always. I don’t care what happens to Tracy as long as he keeps doing and saying blissfully dumb things. I hope Kenneth becomes the CEO of GE and also the world. I hope Jenna marries Paul and they name all their children ‘Jenna.’ Mostly I hope these last thirteen are just as good as they should be so this series can go out as strong as it came in, which is wet-your-pants-hilarious. (Premieres 10/4/12)

The Big Bang Theory
CBS, 8/7 Central

Sheldon and sex? Eep. What are you getting him into, Amy Farrah Fowler? Whatever, I still love this show. (Premieres 9/27/12)

FOX, 9/8 Central

Yep, still watching. And you know what? By Glee standards, last week’s episode was positively wonderful. As long as things don’t become too large and spread out, I like the idea of following the kids post-HS while getting to know the new McKinley kids in parallel. It’s could be a beautiful circle of dreams rising and being crushed over and over again. No doubt the show will slip into familiar Glee territory soon, but I’ll still watch anyway so I can have something to complain about. Hell, I’ve made it this far. Also, I like when people sing, and am I the only one who thinks that Chris Colfer is turning out to be ridiculously good looking? Remember how baby-faced he used to be? (Premiered 9/13/12)

The Office
NBC, 9/8 Central

Okay, so here’s the deal. The episode of The Office that marks its descent from “great” to “mediocre blah” was “Niagara,” and that was in early season six. It’s all been downhill from there (although you might be able to persuade me that some of Micheal’s farewell stuff was spot-on as well, even if the overall shape of that season was flawed). As funny as Paul Lieberstein is as Toby, he pretty much ran the show into the ground. But, rejoice, Dunderheads! Greg Daniels — most likely wishing for his baby to go out on a high note — is back as full-time showrunner for the final season, which means it might actually be good again, because that guy is a flipping genius. It’s no coincidence that Parks and Recreation’s ascent to best comedy on TV happened right alongside The Office’s decline. I just hope that this show that I once loved can climb back up to something approaching those heights so that I can love it again in time to actually care that it’s ending, instead of feeling glad that it’s being put out of its misery. (Premieres 9/20/12)

Parks and Recreation
NBC, 9:30/8:30 Central

I love this show so much I don’t even know what to say about it. Leslie is now on the City Council, and Ben is in Washington. April is on her surly way to becoming a productive member of society, and Andy is going to be a cop! Ron falls in love with Lucy Fucking Lawless. I think that last thing might be my favorite, by the way. I fucking love that lady. She is perfection. (Premieres 9/20/12)

ABC, 10/9 Central

As much fun as Revenge’s first season was, I actually think the new drama in that vein I most enjoyed last season was Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal, a political soap that follows a Washington D.C. fixer named Olivia Pope and her team of highly intelligent and specialized ex-lawyers as they fight to remain White Hats in a sea of corruption. Also, Olivia is in love with the POTUS, a storyline which I hated at first, but turned out to be a lot of fun. The first season was only seven episodes, so you caneasily catch up in time for next Thursday’s episode, if you should be so inclined. Plus, what else is on Thursdays at nine? Nothing, that’s what. (Premieres 9/27/12)

Other Shows:

  • Two and a Half Men, CBS 8/7 Central — Is this still on? (Premieres 9/27/12)
  • The Vampire Diaries, CW 8/7 Central — Elena is a vampire! (Premieres 10/11/12)
  • Up All Night, NBC 8:30/7:30 Central — Gave up on this last year. Had too much TV. Guess I was pre-emptively choosing sides in the Arnett/Poehler divorce. Sad :( (Premieres 9/20/12)
  • Grey’s Anatomy, ABC 9/8 Central — Recently rewatched seasons one and two, and damn, this show used to be good. I’ll catch up eventually (pissed though, because Lexie bit it last year, and that is just the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Totally unnecessary). (Premieres 9/27/12)
  • Person of Interest, CBS 10/9 Central — My co-worker keeps trying to get me to watch, and he’s probably right, but it’s CBS’s fault that I don’t because they refuse to enter the new millenium and stream their shit on the internet. (Premieres 9/27/12)
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FX 10/9 Central — Season Eight with The Gang. I had an old roommate who was obsessed with this show but I have never seen a single episode. Horrible Bosses was awesome, though. (Premieres 10/11/12)
  • The League, FX 10:30/9:30 Central — Fantasy football gone wild. (Premieres 10/11/12)
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  1. Your 30 Rock paragraph was beautiful.

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