Pilot Watch: ‘Ringer’

“Siobhan killed herself. I don’t know why she did it. I’m the only one that knows that she’s dead. I saw a way out and I took it. I was so scared. The cops were after me . . . I felt like I didn’t have a choice. It was so easy, Malcolm. I mean, … Continue reading

TV Trajectory: November 9 -14

Click through for micro-recaps!

TV Trajectory: Nov 2 – 6

We’re introducing a new feature at Big Damn Heroes this morning: TV Trajectory! Now that you’ve had a chance to catch up with your DVR over the weeekend, we’re micro-recapping (and charting) what happened on TV last week.  Need a refresher before new episodes air this week? Want a place to talk rehash what happened? … Continue reading

Highlights from Jacob’s Gossip Girl Recap, 3X02 — “The Freshmen”

[“The Freshmen” — Everybody learns things. Blair learns that her mad socialite skillz are useless at NYU. Dan learns that he is the Queen of Awesome at NYU, and also how to give people second chances, but only if they’re being like him. Serena goes crazy again, sort of, and Chuck learns that when Serena … Continue reading

Ten reasons you should be watching “Gossip Girl”

If you’re not watching Gossip Girl by now, you will never, ever, ever know me. (Oooh, oooh.) Seriously, guys, I know you’re busy having a life and whatever, but there is really no excuse for you if you’re not watching Gossip Girl by now. If we’re lucky, the show will maintain it’s current level of … Continue reading

TV’s Best/Worst/Weirdest: Sept 13 – 19

Happy Saturday, and welcome to the first edition of Big Damn Heroes Best/Worst/Weirdest, where we highlight the stuff that went down this week on TV. I’m Heather Anne (Hi, Heather Anne!) and I’m your Big Gay representative on this Big Damn blog. But I promise not to queer it up here; I write about Big … Continue reading

Fall 2009 TV Round Up: Monday!

Let me sing a little ditty for you. It’s called “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but it’s not about Christmas and instead of Andy Williams singing about gay happy meetings or whatever, it’s totally just me screaming “I LOVE TV!!” all the time for about three and a half minutes. Ever since I … Continue reading

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