Disco Sucks!…A Review of Freaks and Geeks: Discos and Dragons

“Greetings, Princess. It is I, Carlos the Dwarf. The dragon has been slain, and you’re free to rule your kingdom” -Daniel Desario Any tv fan worth their salt knows at least two classic episodes revolving around the popular role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. (Are there any others?) One is the finale of Freaks and Geeks … Continue reading

Mid-Season Round-Up

Mid-season television can be confusing, especially nowadays when it’s becoming ever more common for networks to break seasons of shows in two parts or for them to wait to premiere a show until January or February so as to assure a straight run. At mid-season you’ve got wacky stuff happening all over the place: new … Continue reading

Link Love: Chuck Soars

BDH’s own Heather Anne has a post up at The Torch Online! Head on over to read about BDH favorite Chuck (don’t forget to watch tonight!) and Heroes.


So, remember when I wrote that big whole post about which shows were canceled and whatever, and I told you that Mercy had not been picked up past it’s original thirteen episodes, effectively canceling it? Yeah, so I was happily reading Entertainment Weekly today, being calm, when out of the blue that magazine decides to … Continue reading

TV Trajectory: November 9 -14

Click through for micro-recaps!

Watch and Drop, Fall TV 2009

It’s time to confess just how much of a quitter I am. TV Pilot Season (also known as Season Premiere Season, SPS) for me is like being given an all access pass to some sort of giant chain store and told that I can have as much as I can carry. I go a little … Continue reading

TSwiz Watch: Saturday Night Live

Last Saturday, our dear friend Taylor Swift hosted SNL and was the musical guest. Her hosting was SO GOOD, you guys! Someone get that girl into my television all the time! Acting though, not singing. I like her singing in my radio. When she’s in my television her singing is weaker and her hand motions … Continue reading

TV Trajectory: Nov 2 – 6

We’re introducing a new feature at Big Damn Heroes this morning: TV Trajectory! Now that you’ve had a chance to catch up with your DVR over the weeekend, we’re micro-recapping (and charting) what happened on TV last week.  Need a refresher before new episodes air this week? Want a place to talk rehash what happened? … Continue reading

Hero Extras: PB&J 4EVA

If you believe in the soul-sustaining power of love and/or television, you know that Pam and Jim — the best television couple in the history of time and space — are tying the knot on Thursday night’s The Office. After half a decade of waiting and one really excruciating walk across hot coals, you might … Continue reading

TV’s Best/Worst/Weirdest: Sept 20-26

This was a fun week. A whole slough of premieres and pilots that had me freaking out about how I was going to handle the rest of my life (summers always get me out of whack). Plus, I’m trying to catch up on Bones before I miss much more of Season 5. But, um, I … Continue reading

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