TV Round-Up: Best of 2009-2010

Once upon a time in Tucson, this idiot named Ashley decided it would be a good idea to watch twenty-seven TV shows a week while holding down two jobs and going to graduate school full time. It all worked out fine, I suppose. She didn’t mind gradually descending into the bowels of hermit-dom, only coming … Continue reading

So, you want to know what happened on the series finale of ‘Lost’?

It’s been a week since the series finale of Lost, but it feels like a year, and that is because I must have read at least a year’s worth of writing about the finale in just one 72 hour period. (And I’m sure I’m not the only one.) This is already more progress than I’ve … Continue reading

Listed: Favorite Musical TV Moments, 1980s-Present

Sometimes FOX likes to do really super cheesy things, like forcing all of its shows to produce episodes that conform to a theme as promotion tool (I would argue that is actually less cheesy and ineffective than NBC’s lame attempts at environment promotion, “green weeks”). This is one of those times. Specifically, this entire week … Continue reading

Some Thoughts About the Season Premiere of ‘Lost’

Honestly, I’m not even going to try and parse what’s going on in “LA X” (the sixth and final season premiere of Lost) at a deeper level, both because I’m exhausted and because I know that other people are doing it for me right as I speak, and then their thoughts will be delivered directly … Continue reading

Mid-Season Round-Up

Mid-season television can be confusing, especially nowadays when it’s becoming ever more common for networks to break seasons of shows in two parts or for them to wait to premiere a show until January or February so as to assure a straight run. At mid-season you’ve got wacky stuff happening all over the place: new … Continue reading

Fall 2009 TV Round Up: Friday! and Beyond!

This is the big one, folks. Although Friday isn’t nearly as fun as Thursday, it does have lots of science fiction in it, and just so we’re all clear, I will watch almost anything that is labeled “science fiction.” It is by far the most underrated TV genre and I am batshit crazy sick of … Continue reading

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