Some Thoughts about ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

Just got out of seeing Snow White and the Huntsman and felt compelled to share some of my thoughts. And I have a lot of thoughts — most of them, just to warn you, are about Chris Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth’s baby blue eyes, Chris Hemsworth’s hair, Chris Hemsworth being shirtless, and Chris Hemsworth. But I … Continue reading

Farscape Rewatch! — “Liars, Guns and Money,” Parts I-III

WEEK TWENTY-ONE [Permanent Archive Here] Oh, my God, it’s here! It’s finally here! I think part of the reason this post is so late (so very, very late) is that I have a hard time wrapping my head around this trilogy. (Also, that I am so very, very busy.) Obviously, the plot is pretty straightforward; that’s … Continue reading

Will They or Won’t They? A Peek Into the Castle Writer’s Room

[Cross-posting with because I had more fun writing this than I’ve had writing anything in years.] We open on a well-lit room, late morning. Eleven people sit at a conference table. They clutch hot coffee cups and fiddle with their notepads and electronic devices. There is a large whiteboard at the front of the … Continue reading

Pilot Watch (sort of): ‘Terra Nova’

I was planning on writing a review of Terra Nova here on Big Damn Heroes, but I was asked to write a recap of it over at instead. You can guys can follow me over there, like, if you want to or something, I don’t know. I’ll be writing weekly recaps of Terra Nova … Continue reading

Pilot Watch: “New Girl”

Listen, I’m as quirky as the next hipster twenty-something. I wear double-tongued Converse shoes and buy things like fabric printed with owls even though I DON’T EVEN SEW. I live in Austin, TX only because I can’t afford Williamsburg and Portland gets too much rain. The “You wear knit hats because of Coldplay” joke from … Continue reading

Pilot Watch: ‘The Secret Circle’

      The CW’s newest teen supernatural offering is based from a book series that I truly can’t believe I never read as a youth. Fantastical teenage adventures with witchcraft? That’s, like, all I read for three or four years straight. Somehow, L.J. Smith’s series slipped through the cracks. (L.J. Smith is also responsible … Continue reading

Pilot Watch: ‘Ringer’

“Siobhan killed herself. I don’t know why she did it. I’m the only one that knows that she’s dead. I saw a way out and I took it. I was so scared. The cops were after me . . . I felt like I didn’t have a choice. It was so easy, Malcolm. I mean, … Continue reading

Post-Summer Movie Recap: “Production value!”

Summer won’t be over in Austin for another six weeks or so, but the summer movie season has drawn to a close. Months ago, I blogged about what were my most anticipated releases for the season. Let’s see how they held up. 10. The Tree of Life, May 27 I never got around to watching this. … Continue reading

Coupons For Free Hugs: Favorite Character Moments from Modern Family, Season One

The Pritchett-Dunphys Claire: Stuff like this makes me excited to someday have a daughter of my own… “Oh, Alex, honey! When you’re out shopping, you might want to pick up yourself a training bra! I know you don’t need one now but your little boobies are going to come in soon! Mummy loves you, kitten! [Mumbling] Teach … Continue reading

Splash Down: A review of Modern Family’s “Moon Landing”

In order to handle the emotional intensity of Friday Night Lights, I’ve been interspersing FNL with Season One of Modern Family. Sometimes, after watching Coach Taylor and Tami argue over something like a lawsuit from one of their players, all I want to do is watch Cam and Mitchell argue about how to behave at … Continue reading

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