Fall 2012 TV Round-Up: Wednesdays!

Two of the three new dramas that I’m actually looking forward to air on Wednesday night (the third airs on Thursdays, if you’re curious, but that’s all I’m saying for now). Arrow and Nashville are completely differently shows, but I find myself almost equally excited for both. Arrow continues the quest to bring superheroes back to TV after Smallville‘s ten year run, and Nashville is about two country superstars duking it out. If there’s one thing you can say about me, it’s that my tastes don’t just fit into one box (although I will admit that the box labeled ‘sci-fi’ is about ten times larger than all the other boxes put together).

There’s also a handful of new shows that vary on the spectrum, going from ‘mildly competent’ to  ‘completely unremarkable’ and all the way over to ‘come on, are you guys even trying?’ On the returning shows front, there’s Modern Family, and a whole bunch of shit I don’t watch, but you might.


CW, 10/9 Central

I’m not going to lie about this one, friends. This show is right up my alley. Greg Berlanti, the guy who did Everwood, Brothers & Sisters, and Dirty Sexy Money (also, he wrote Green Lantern, but we can forgive him for that if this turns out okay, yes?) is helming this take on DC Comics’ Green Arrow. Presumably the CW does not want “Green” in the title because “Arrow” is just a sexy name, but also because of that previously mentioned Green Lantern mess, but either way, I think it’s a smart move. Newcomer Stephen Amell (who was already a huge hit at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con) plays Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who was shipwrecked on a remote Pacific Island for five years. During his time on the island, he basically becomes a huge badass, and when he’s discovered alive, BOOM: Superhero in the making. I’m intrigued to see the superhero origin story handled in this way. By the time we meet him, Oliver will already be the Green Arrow, so we’re going to be getting two stories: the present day as he copes with re-entering civilization, and flashbacks to his five years on the island. The fact that Stephen Amell is extremely good-looking is just the cherry on top. If this is as good as the buzz is making it out to be, I will be very happy indeed. (Premieres 10/10/12)

ABC, 10/9 Central

In theory if you put the words ‘Connie Britton’ and ‘TV’ in the same sentence, a large population of the internet is instantly obligated to follow where that sentence leads. It’s one of the reasons I was so upset about her tenure on American Horror Story last season, because there was absolutely no way I was watching that show. Here, Britton plays aging country superstar Rayna Thomas, and Hayden Panettiere is a young superstar in the making — and they both do their own singing. Add to that the screenwriter of Thelma & Louise, and you’ve officially got my attention. Apparently it’s quite soapy, but in the good way. If any of that sounds interesting to you, definitely check this one out. (Premieres 10/10/12)

Other Shows:

  • Animal Practice, ABC 8/7 Central — TV Execs: “Quick, I’ve finally got the monkey from Community on speed dial . . . what can do we possibly do with him.” (Premieres 9/26/12)
  • Guys With Kids, NBC 7:30/8:30 Central — TV Execs: “Oh my God, you guys. What if men could take care of babies, too? Wouldn’t that be so funny?! Let’s do something with that.” (Premiered 9/12/12)
  • The Neighbors, ABC 7:30/8:30 Central — TV Execs: “Aliens acting wacky. And they can cry out of their ears! And they all have names taken from famous athletes. THIS IS GENIUS.” (Premieres 9/26/12)
  • Chicago Fire, NBC 10/9 Central — TV Execs: “Everybody thinks firefighters are cool and sexy so let’s make a show about firefighters who are also cool and sexy. And put it in Chicago. Everybody likes Chicago. BOOM. We’re done.” (Premieres 10/10/12)


Modern Family
ABC, 8/9 Central

I still love this show, even if it is showing its age a bit. And I’m really looking forward to Gloria being pregnant. (Premieres 9/26/12)

Other Shows:

  • The Middle, ABC 8/7 Central — Same as it ever was, same as it ever was. And I have no idea if this show is good enough to merit a Talking Heads reference, but I did it anyway. So there. (Premieres 9/26/12)
  • Criminal Minds, CBS 10/9 Central — No idea, honestly. I always get this show confused with Cold Case. (Premieres 9/26/12)
  • Law & Order: SVU, NBC 10/9 Central — A little piece of me died when Chris Meloni left this show. (Premieres 9/26/12)
  • Supernatural, CW 9/8 Central — The Winchester brothers are back for one more season, which means I have to put up with those gross fans who write ‘Wincest’ fanfiction. If you don’t know what that means, don’t look it up. You don’t want to know. And if you are one of those people, well, offense meant in the fullest. What you guys do makes me want to vomit. (Premieres 10/3/12)
  • Suburgatory, ABC 9:30/8:30 Central — I really want to start watching this show. Ahh, should I? I haven’t seen any of season one. (Premieres 10/17/12)
  • CSI, CBS 10/9 Central — Welcome to season 67. (Premieres 9/26/12)
  • American Horror Story, FX 10/9 Central — The promos for this show terrify me. No way am I actually going to watch it. (Premieres 10/17/12)

Tomorrow: FUCK YEAH, PARKS AND RECREATION. Also, The Office might be good again? Just in time for it to die.

10 Responses to “Fall 2012 TV Round-Up: Wednesdays!”
  1. Dan says:

    That Supernatural mini-rant was awesome. I mean, what is up with those people? Their love is weird. Eww.

  2. I can’t wait for Arrow. (Especially considering the guest stars that they’re bringing on. Tahmoh Penikett AND John Barrowman? YES PLEASE.)

  3. baxlala says:

    I will watch Nashville because of Connie Britton (TAMI TAYLOR) but also because maybe it’ll surprise me, sort of like Revenge did, with soapy goodness.

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