Fall 2012 TV Round-Up: Tuesdays!

There are approximately one million half hour comedies on Tuesday nights. It is entirely overwhelming.

Remember back in the day when Thursday night was just the best night for TV comedy ever, and NBC was the place to be? Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers, The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Night Court, Wings, Frasier, Will & Grace, and later, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Community, 30 Rock . . . Well, Thursday night is fading away, and we all know about sad sack NBC, but the rest of the networks seem determined to finally take the Peacock down. CBS comedies dominate Monday nights, and ABC has peed on all the trees and benches on Wednesdays, and NBC is over licking its balls on Thursdays and Fridays, but Tuesday is still up for grabs.

Right now, my money’s on FOX.


Ben and Kate
FOX, 8:30/7:30 Central

Creator Dana Fox has stated that this show is basically a love letter to her “crazy family,” and her crazy brother in particular, who shares both a name and a nature with the character Ben Fox, of Ben and Kate fame. Ben, some sort of man-child, moves in with his single mother sister — Kate — to help her raise her five year old daughter. He wants to get her fun back, and she wants him to grow up. Heart-warming wackiness presumably ensues. I have heard nothing but good things about this pilot. If it lives up to expectations, FOX is going to have quite the comedy night, what with Raising Hope, New Girl, this show, and The Mindy Project. It might actually be the most well-constructed comedy block on TV right now. (Premieres 9/25/12)

Go On
NBC, 9/8 Central

If you like Matthew Perry, you’ll probably like this show. He does his Matthew Perry thing. Now, I like Matthew Perry, but the real draw for this series is the ensemble. Actually, Go On most resembles Community, you know, back before Community decided it was crazytown bananapants, and if the cast was in grief-counseling instead of a Spanish study group. They’re a bunch of very different people forced together by circumstance, becoming friends against all odds and having wacky adventures. It’s super rough right now, but I can see this being very enjoyable down the road, if it lasts long enough. I particularly like the blind old guy played by Bill Cobbs, the lesbian lawyer with the dead partner, and Fausta, who speaks half Spanish and half English and lost both her son and her husband, not sure how yet. If it starts feeling a little more natural and a little less sitcommy, this could actually be pretty great. (Premiered 8/8/12)

The New Normal
NBC, 9:30/8:30 Central

Look, I have no idea what to say about this. Ryan Murphy is Ryan Murphy. His shows are loud, in your face, over the top, and ridiculous. They are smug and annoying. They can also be moving and endearing. This one, though, seems particularly self-congratulatory. From the title to the proud papas to be, it’s just so very obvious, like the important part is the premise and not the characters. The exception here is Goldie and her daughter Shania, who I find really appealing for some reason. Probably because their faces are so cherubic (and there was a bit last episode where Shania wouldn’t stop pretending to be Little Edie from Grey Gardens that was just amazing). Of course, a lot of sitcoms start off with stock characters and then deepen them from there, but knowing Murphy’s track record, there’s a very large chance these characters will implode on themselves before that happens. I will continue watching, though, because if there’s one thing you can never say about a Ryan Murphy show, they’re never boring. (Premiered 9/10/12)

The Mindy Project
FOX, 9:30/8:30 Central

I love Mindy Kaling because You’ve Got Mail is one of her favorite movies and she wrote half of my favorite Office episodes, and because she has decided that making romantic comedies good again is something that is important. I will fully support her in any endeavor that she chooses, so thank God she chose something great. Like a lot of comedies in their first seasons, The Mindy Project has some finding itself to do, but that’s okay, because that’s sort of the point. (Premieres 9/25/12)

Other Shows:

  • Emily Owens, M.D., CW 9/8 Central — Emily Owens is an M.D. And she’s played by Mamie Gummer. (Premieres 10/16/12)
  • Vegas, CBS 10/9 Central — Vegas period drama; Dennis Quaid is a reluctant sheriff taking on the mob. (Premieres 9/25/12)


New Girl
FOX, 9/8 Central

After a rocky start and a whole lotta Schmidt, New Girl ended up being my favorite new show of the 2011-2012 season. If you’re not five hundred million years old and made of stone, you should be watching this show. And if you’re one of those people who tuned out because they couldn’t stand Zooey Deschanel being all adorkable, don’t worry, they toned it down, and the rest of the cast is so great you should watch even if toned down Zooey is still too much. (Premieres 9/25/12)

Don’t Trust the B– In Apt. 23
ABC, 9:30/8:30 Central

As long as Krysten Ritter continues being deliciously catty and horrible (“Tall Slut, No Panties”) and James Van Der Beek continues mocking himself with that cheeky smile on his face, I will continue watching this show. (Premieres 10/23/12)

Other Shows:

  • NCIS, CBS 8/7 Central — Naval people solving crimes whilst looking like Michael Weatherly and Coté de Pablo. (Premieres 10/25/12)
  • NCIS: Los Angeles, CBS 8:30/7:30 Central — Never seen it, but I’m assuming it’s naval people solving crimes in Los Angeles whilst looking like Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J. (Premieres 10/25/12)
  • Raising Hope, FOX 8/7 Central — I keep meaning to catch up on this, but there’s never enough time. (Premieres 10/2/12)
  • Hart of Dixie, CW 8/7 Central — Rachel Bilson doctors people in the south. (Premieres 10/2/12)
  • Happy Endings, ABC 9:30/8:30 Central — I should really be watching this, shouldn’t I? (Premieres 10/23/12)
  • Parenthood, NBC 10/9 Central — Lauren Graham. That’s all you need to know. (Premiered 9/11/12)
  • Private Practice, ABC 10/9 Central — I gave up on this show three years ago. The same things are probably happening. Also, Tim Daly and Kate Walsh are leaving, so that’s two more reasons nobody should give a crap. (Premieres 9/25/12)
  • Sons of Anarchy, FX 10/9 Central — Showrunner Kurt Sutter hates the internet. Hellboy and that guy from Undeclared. Peg Bundy! And some motorcycles. (Premiered 9/11/12)

Tomorrow: Connie Britton is on a show this year that doesn’t make me want to crap my pants. Fuck you, American Horror Story.

11 Responses to “Fall 2012 TV Round-Up: Tuesdays!”
  1. 1. Tuesdays are my new favorite night.
    2. The Ben & Kate pilot was WAY better than I was expecting.
    3. Please find a way to watch Happy Endings. I’m begging you.

    • Ashley says:

      1. I’m partial to Mondays and Fridays, myself, but now that Glee is off Tuesdays and once Fringe goes bye bye (SOB), Tuesdays might be it.
      2. I haven’t watched it yet. Watching pilots early online loses all its fun if anyone can do it.
      3. DVD has ruined me. I used to be able to pop into shows without having seen any of the episodes before, but now the OCD part of me just SCREAMS when I do that. “Watch from the beginning!” it says,”WATCH FROM THE BEGINNING.” And I’m already in the middle of FNL and Breaking Bad and Babylon 5, and also I’m rewatching Fringe season four, and I wanted to watch the old Beauty & the Beast show and MY BRAIN IS GOING TO EXPLODE.

  2. baxlala says:


    Second, I was so surprised by how much I ended up loving The New Girl. And Don’t Trust the Bitch, actually. Also, watching Dawson’s Creek has given me a whole new appreciation of The Beek’s “character” on Don’t Trust the Bitch.

    • Ashley says:

      I started FNL in March but got distracted by Babylon 5. I need to get back into it, but it’s so sad sometimes :(

      • baxlala says:

        FNL gives me all the feelings. Sometimes it’s too many. What season are you on?

      • NTE says:

        Oh Yay: I love your TV posts! (Even if I’m weeks later)

        I found myself with a lot of in-between/down-time while helping to take care of my grandmother this summer, and decided to watch FNL: Everybody says it’s so good! And it is! But nobody told me about the sads! I made it halfway through Season 1 and just had to stop: not emotionally capable of handling FNL at this time. I”ll try again eventually. On the plus side, it looks like Tuesday nights will be a pick-me-up kind of night, and that’s about all I’m good for when it comes to tv right now.

  3. Jen says:

    I’m totally looking at this after the fact, but I ended up really liking The New Normal. It’s the first Ryan Murphy show that didn’t just completely explode/fall apart. Even though I really liked the character dynamics of the show, I’m almost glad it only got one season, because now it will never get all Murphyed up.

    • Ashley says:

      Yeah, I kept wanting to quit it, but it was just kind of inoffensive and I liked Goldie a lot. I’m glad it was cancelled. I was probably going to stop watching it anyway, because I watch too much TV.

      He just keeps getting more TV shows!

      (I haven’ seen it and never will, but I’ve heard American Horror Story is Murphy-proof because it has new characters and stories every year.)

      • Jen says:

        I still think the first season of American Horror Story got a little Murphy-ish toward the end, but as soon as it starts to get all batshit, it moves to a different story so I guess it works.

        I kept waiting for the New Normal characters to start treating each other like crap in a dramatic fashion and then trying to awkwardly cram in a controversial social message. They didn’t, and it was so weird.

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