Pilot Watch (sort of): ‘Terra Nova’

I was planning on writing a review of Terra Nova here on Big Damn Heroes, but I was asked to write a recap of it over at Film.com instead. You can guys can follow me over there, like, if you want to or something, I don’t know. I’ll be writing weekly recaps of Terra Nova … Continue reading

Pilot Watch: “New Girl”

Listen, I’m as quirky as the next hipster twenty-something. I wear double-tongued Converse shoes and buy things like fabric printed with owls even though I DON’T EVEN SEW. I live in Austin, TX only because I can’t afford Williamsburg and Portland gets too much rain. The “You wear knit hats because of Coldplay” joke from … Continue reading

Pilot Watch: ‘The Secret Circle’

      The CW’s newest teen supernatural offering is based from a book series that I truly can’t believe I never read as a youth. Fantastical teenage adventures with witchcraft? That’s, like, all I read for three or four years straight. Somehow, L.J. Smith’s series slipped through the cracks. (L.J. Smith is also responsible … Continue reading

Pilot Watch: ‘Ringer’

“Siobhan killed herself. I don’t know why she did it. I’m the only one that knows that she’s dead. I saw a way out and I took it. I was so scared. The cops were after me . . . I felt like I didn’t have a choice. It was so easy, Malcolm. I mean, … Continue reading

Post-Summer Movie Recap: “Production value!”

Summer won’t be over in Austin for another six weeks or so, but the summer movie season has drawn to a close. Months ago, I blogged about what were my most anticipated releases for the season. Let’s see how they held up. 10. The Tree of Life, May 27 I never got around to watching this. … Continue reading

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