Bones 6X23 — “The Change in the Game” Live-Blog

For all your Bones live-blogging needs.

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I love it when shows take creative risks, especially shows as formulaic as Bones. Now, when I say “formulaic,” I’m not using it as an insult (in this case at least). Bones is first and foremost a procedural, and procedurals follow formulas. It’s why they’re so successful. But Bones‘s best episodes are always the ones that step away from that formula, and it’s the resulting contrast, between the formulaic and the not, that make episodes like “The Verdict in the Story” and “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole” so wonderful. Those kind of episodes are exactly why Bones is one of the shows I watch when I’m looking for ‘comfort food’ TV. (Gilmore Girls is another.) So here’s hoping that tonight’s finale is just like those classic episodes I love so much, and I’ll be watching and re-watching them on DVD for years to come.

Here’s how tonight’s live-blog is going to work. Unlike my past “live-blogs” for Bones, this is going to be an actual live-blog, updated in real time. I will try to update as often as possible, so keep clicking refresh, and follow along in the comments, if you so desire. Feel free to spread the word on Twitter and Tumblr, and get as many Bones peoples here as possible. NOW GO. (I’m calling it now, by the way. I’m totally King of the Lab.)

Will There Be Sex? Oh, my God, if there isn’t, I’m going to kill people.

  • It’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch lady!
  • Worst birthday present EVER.
  • My roommate says that “the first two scenes are about mothering. HINT HINT.”
  • Bones and Booth are talking about making whoopie, but I’m telling you right now that if they did it last week, I’m going to FREAK THE HELL OUT.
  • Abigail and I were emailing each other last night and we both agreed that we need it IN FRONT OF OUR FACE. The exchange went something like this: I said “Ideally, it would be R-Rated television,” and then she said, “Or higher. Whatever.” You guys, Abigail is hilarious.
  • Thor commercial! That movie was so much flipping fun.
  • Hodgins is super worried about baby Hodgela, but I’m calling it right now. This show is too tame to actually go there. That kid is going to be fine. And they’re probably going to name it after Mr. Nigel-Murray.
  • “My mom went into labor on a rollercoaster.”
    “That explains a lot.”
  • It’s Max! He’s in a wheelchair? Ah, because he did sexytimes with a 36 year old.
  • Something weird is going on. I don’t like it. (And by something weird, I am obviously talking about B&B here, and not the murder, which I really don’t care about at all.)
  • Maybe they didn’t do it? Somebody hold me.
  • Can I just tell you how happy I am that Buck and Wanda are back?
  • You guys, why does Alison Rhodes look so familiar?
  • “Nice to meet you, The Raven.”
  • I don’t know. I’m gonna puke.
  • The Jesus ripoff is really annoying.
  • The baby is commmminnnngggg! THUNDERCATS ARE GOOOOOO!
  • I just want you guys to know that I’m giving up watching this without commercials so I can do this live-blog for you, because that is how much I care.
  • Is Angela not having an epidural? Did we know that? Angela is funny when she’s having a baby.
  • If somebody tried to bring a video laptop into my delivery room, I think I would chuck it at their head.
  • It’s a testament to how fucking sexy David Boreanaz is that I still totally want to bone him even with that mullet. This is not a family blog. This show makes me say things.
  • I do apologize in advance, because I am about ten minutes away from meltdown mode. Just as a warning.
  • Is that April Rhodes lady from Everwood? Is that it?
  • Everwood drove me nuts. It was always so serious.
  • Heh. First time in history that the Angelator has been used by anyone but Angela. And a Hodgins/Angela sextape!
  • You guys, I said it was the little girl as a joke, but I was totally right.
  • “This is Wanda at the bowling alley.” I love you, Emily Deschanel.
  • They are seriously talking about babies a lot. If Brennan is pregnant I am going rip all my hair out and then when it grows back and I’m going to rip it all out again because OH MY GOD.
  • “Max! Who owns a motorcycle?”
    “George Clooney does.”
  • Oh, damn. It wasn’t the kid. Well, maybe my other predictions will come true.
  • Oh, Bones, you and your cheesy dialogue.
  • Brennan has freak out face. Why does Brennan have freakout face? WHY DOES BRENNAN HAVE FREAK OUT FACE?
  • That is NOT a newborn. Where is the goop and the purple prune face?
  • Called it. Not blind.
  • Baaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbyyyyyyyy.
  • Oh, God. My ovaries.
  • Baby?
  • Booth’s going to be a DADDDY.
  • I need to read so much fanfic.

Final thoughts on Bones season six coming up this weekend. Meanwhile, I will be thinking about this 24/7. Thank you and good night.

27 Responses to “Bones 6X23 — “The Change in the Game” Live-Blog”
  1. heather anne says:

    I liked it! And I like this live-blog! I wish you live-blogged ALL THE THINGS.

  2. Gretchen Alice says:

    I’m commenting because a) I love you and b) WHAT THE WHAT? I haven’t watched Bones in for-ev-er, but obviously don’t care enough to avoid spoilers. I have so much catching up to do with this show.

  3. Jen says:

    I feel gypped. I wanted to see the sex!!!!!

    Staccato must have been Angela’s dad’s name suggestion.

    • Ashley says:

      It was his suggestion. There was like a whole episode about it.

      I wanted to see the sex :(

      • Jen says:

        Yeah, I know, I couldn’t remember if they actually said the name in that episode….

      • Jen says:

        No need to mock because I couldn’t remember a little detail…

        • Ashley says:

          I’m not mocking. Wasn’t it the episode with the cars and Hodgins hopping a fence? And then they got all huggy at the end when Hodgins was like Staccato? Are you serious? I can’t remember if we ever found out what Angela’s real name was, though.

          • Jen says:

            Yes, but I couldn’t remember of they had said the baby’s name in that episode or if they had kept it a secret like angela’s. Like it was just hinted that it was terrible, but I couldn’t remember them saying what it was. Of course I remember the episode about it.

  4. Jen says:

    Who was Alison Rhodes? Which character? (haha later you said April Rhodes, chenowith’s glee character)

    • Ashley says:

      Ha! I did do that. ALISON Rhodes was the old lady with the ponytail. The cast info wasn’t up on IMDB or yet so I couldn’t figure it out.

  5. Abigail says:

    OH MY GOD. I JUST WATCHED. I AM MAD. {happy for b&b but where is the RESPECT for my face??} {also, what about 4:47???} {going to tumblr hole now}

  6. MIa says:

    Flashback required… but I think a smart way to get B&B without a awkward transition.
    And I read this as I watched mine on DVR – thanks Ashley :)

    • Abigail says:

      I def think the pregnancy thing works (and Stephen Nathan was so blah blah blah about it so fine I buy it) and makes sense for their characters, but I want THEM KISSING IN FRONT OF MY FACE. How many episodes have we watched them taaaaaalk and taaaaaaaaalk and taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk? And, god, the hundredth episode? I need some physical resolution because the depressing physicality of that scene still haunts me.

    • Ashley says:

      I think the pregnancy thing is going to work, too. I’m not worried about it. I just think it’s a complete sack of horseshit that after SIX YEARS OF TEASING we didn’t get to see the most important moment in these character’s lives, and all because they wanted to protect the “surprise” of this ending. We NEED to see that moment, and HH and SN are kidding themselves if they think otherwise. I’ve been super cool about this year while like everyone else on the planet has turned against them, but dudes, this is where I draw the line. SHOW ME THE SMOOCHIES.

      • Abigail says:

        Yes, exactly, I agree with everything you said including loving this season despite it. I loved it cause we all got all those conversations. And those conversations had no pay off it feels like. Is protecting the surprise really their excuse? That’s so weird and crazy.

        • Ashley says:

          I feel like, yes. On a storytelling level, the reasoning had to be to protect that moment. Like, the entire episode was structured around that moment hitting you across the face. Brennan had sadface the entire time, or thinkyface, and she kept talking about having kids and stuff, and because they didn’t SHOW the sex in “The Hole in the Heart,” most viewers wouldn’t immediately be thinking, hey, she’s probably pregnant. We would totally know if something had happened, right? RIGHT? Wrong.

          It was a cool moment, even if I did guess it was coming based on aforementioned thinky and sadfaces, but the scene they didn’t show is the one I NEED to see.

  7. Jen says:

    Anyone know what was up with JFD? Was Sweets even in this episode at all?

    • Ashley says:

      You’re totally right! Where did he go? Maybe they didn’t want to call attention to the B/B relationship until the end? Or maybe he was just on vacation.

      • Ashley says:

        Wait, except he WAS in it, but only a little. He interrogated The Raven. I’m pretty sure that was his only scene, although there might have been one more.

        • Jen says:

          Oh yeah! Because B&B were undercover, he did do the interrogating. There was a distinct lack of Sweets, though. I guess with Max and the bowlers there were lot of characters to deal with.

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