Texas Forever: An Analysis of the Friday Night Lights Pilot

I know little-to-nothing about Friday Night Lights and even less about football. Consider yourself lucky that I don’t, otherwise you would have to prepare yourself for an onslaught of football puns. Most of you know I moved to East Texas in January. I’ll joke with my friends that I’m going to pick an arbitrary football … Continue reading

Bones 6X23 — “The Change in the Game” Live-Blog

For all your Bones live-blogging needs. Ahem. – – – I love it when shows take creative risks, especially shows as formulaic as Bones. Now, when I say “formulaic,” I’m not using it as an insult (in this case at least). Bones is first and foremost a procedural, and procedurals follow formulas. It’s why they’re … Continue reading

My Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases of Summer 2011

I’m not much of a movie-goer during the three other seasons. (Because that’s when I watch tv.) Summer is the ideal time to spend a couple hours sitting in a squishy seat in an air-conditioned room, enjoying an ice-cold coke and letting your fingers get drenched in fake popcorn butter. Mmm…I’m going to stop before … Continue reading

Fringe: Season Three Wrap-Up — I’m in love with Lincoln Lee

If you follow my writing at all, whether it’s on Twitter, or over at Ashley Awesome, or here at Big Damn Heroes, then you know I’m a huge fan of Fringe. I look forward to it all week, and as soon as each episode is finished, I want the next one immediately. In fact, it’s … Continue reading

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