Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!


For the past six months, content posted on this site has been irregular at best. This is about to change. Why? Because Ashley is now finished with her Masters Exams. How? Stay tuned in the next week or so for several exciting announcements, and for actual! new! content! What are some of the changes you can expect?

  • More posting on Big Damn Heroes regular columns like The Farscape Rewatch! and Bones.
  • More comprehensive book, television, and film coverage.
  • New site contributors with new and exciting things to say about pop culture.
  • And the possible (occasional) return of two founding Heroes who have been MIA for quite some time. Ahem.

So stay tuned to your feed readers, and tell all your friends (well, the ones who would care, anyway). ‘Cause we aim to misbehave.

One Response to “Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!”
  1. Friso says:

    Congrats on finishing your Master’s ! Will look forward to reading more of your thoughts on Farscape.

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