Bones 6X04 — “The Body and the Bounty” Live-Blog

“I’m sorry, I can’t share my murder plans with you.”
Temperance Brennan

– – –

This is episode wasn’t bad, but it’s kind of a let down after the last three episodes. No personal stuff, or at least, fewer personal stuff, but it did have a fun guest star, and the last scene was kind of priceless.


  • Worst. Date. Ever.
  • Can I just tell you guys that I love that Booth and Brennan are probably going to spend the rest of this episode competing to see who can plan the better “perfect murder”? Why haven’t they done this before?
  • I love David Alan Grier. I approve of the new “Squintern.” Oh my God. Cam actually just used the word “Squintern.”
  • Brennan’s opinion of children: “They mostly enjoy bad smells and loud noises.”
  • “When science gets icky, it’s okay to get sicky.” New life motto.
  • Victim was a bounty hunter called “The Wolf.’ Bounty hunter’s friend has a really stupid looking wig.
  • “The whole point of kids shows is that you have an opportunity to brainwash a whole bunch of kids into nerds. You know, future Squints.”
  • I wonder if they actually tried to get Bill Nye for this episode. He might have actually done it; he guested on Stargate Atlantis a couple years ago. He was actually pretty good.
  • Angela’s science speech is making me wish I was good at science. I’m bad at grrl power. (I did always like going to museums and stuff as a kid. Maybe I should go to a museum!  That sounds like fun.)
  • I laughed so hard when Cam walked in to the Science Dude and Hodgins’s experiment. That bearded experiment dummy is hilarious looking. And they gave it a beard! By the way, I would like to take the time to register a formal complaint that this is the first Hodgins experiment of the season and it’s already episode four.
  • The score during this chase scene is laughable, but then again, so is Brennan’s kick.
  • This week’s Boothism: Calling newtons “fig newtons.”
  • “She cut off his head. That wasn’t an accident.”
    “I have no rebuttal to that statement.”
  • “What if she starts explaining human dissection to these kids?”
  • Oh my God. Best. Outfit. Ever.
  • Two more complaints to register: 1) What happened to the perfect murder thing? Total tease!, and 2) It is totally not cool that this is the last episode until November. Stupid FOX.
One Response to “Bones 6X04 — “The Body and the Bounty” Live-Blog”
  1. Jen says:

    I am bummed about the perfect murder thing. Maybe they can pick that up in the next episode?

    Brennan’s outfit in the end would make an excellent halloween costume that most people wouldn’t get.

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