Bones 6X02 — “The Couple in the Cave” Live-Blog

“So it’s not possible for two people to overcome their differences?”
“We couldn’t.”
Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan

– – –

Two weeks in a row . . . isn’t that some sort of record with me writing about Bones? Even if I do end up missing a week or two this season because of the craziness of my life, there was no way I was going to miss THIS episode, not with the first appearance of Booth’s new girlfriend, Hannah, who I want so, so badly to hate but the Bones crew is trying so, so hard to make that impossible.

Girlfriend says WHAT?

  • For once, I am not eating during this show. I will not miss the nausea that comes from having food in my mouth when a skeleton being devoured by maggots comes on the screen.
  • “Do you miss her?”
    “Yeah, of course.”
    “Well, if there’s anything I can do . . .”
  • Oh, Brennan, they’re making out. You couldn’t wait even a MINUTE?
  • Is it just me, or is Hannah REALLY young?
  • Hey, it’s Compact Clark! Why is he still whining about the Jeffersonian not being professional? Didn’t he know this is what it would be like if he came back here? I think he just likes complaining. You know, for attention. [One minute later, he tells Brennan that he thought she and Booth should have ripped each other’s clothes off. Nice.]
  • Hodgins just said ‘Babymoon.’ UGH, Hodgins. You are not an internet mommy. Please don’t use that word.
  • Sweets cut his hair, thank God.
  • “So I’m the only one living life like I expected.” Brennan knows she’s missing something, but she doesn’t now how to find it. OR, she knows what it is, but feels like it’s beyond her reach, either because she has put it there, or because she doesn’t know how to change herself enough to reach for it. That sentence might not make any sense. Vague, much, Ashley?
  • Boothism #1: “Shrinky mojo.”
  • “It’s not George Clooney!”
  • You guys, every time I look at Brennan, I get so happy that her hair is thick and dark instead of wispy and stringy and lame, like it was all last season.
  • “I like a person who isn’t hampered by modesty.”
    “We are both quite impressive.”
  • “Seeley never went for the kill if he could help it.” Brennan gets watery eyes and turns to Booth: “He saved your life.” [Her inner monologue at this moment: “BUT BUT, he’s supposed to save MY LIFE. That’s OUR thing.”]
  • Hodgins is killing me. Pulling off his gloves and fixing his hair when he’s on SPEAKER PHONE.
  • Wouldn’t it be funny if the victim actually turned out to be George Clooney? Not that I want him to be dead or anything.
  • “Just because they have different backgrounds, what, you’re saying that they can’t be in love?”
  • “Sometimes when I was away, I would imagine us together.” WHAT.
  • You know what, she says it was just a fantasy, but I don’t think she gets it. She is looking at Booth’s relationship with Hannah scientifically, saying that they have parity, that being equals is what matters most. To a certain extent, she’s right, but she’s using that to justify her own reasonings. She doesn’t believe that she and Booth are equals in terms of emotions, which is a totally different thing, and something that can’t be measured by interests and class backgrounds. She’s basically thinking that she wasn’t good enough for him in that way (obviously she thinks she’s more intelligent than he is), which is the same reason she turned him down last May (although I still think this is an excuse). Booth, on the other hand, is extremely quick to point out that he isn’t with Hannah because of ‘parity,’ but because he loves her. The implication there, one which I’m not sure Brennan gets, is that he also felt love for Brennan and that is the only thing that’s important to him, the only thing he needs to make a relationship work.
  • “That’s life, right? Things change.”
  • I find it interesting that Brennan and Hannah are both jealous of the same thing: they both think that Booth has more in common with the other. Brennan thinks Hannah has something romantically that she could never have, and Hannah is envious of Booth’s extremely “solid” working relationship with Booth. One gets him at home, one gets him at work . . . boy wouldn’t it be nice if he could have both things in one woman? Ahem.
  • “You’re gonna make trouble while you’re here, aren’t ya?”
    “As much as possible.”
  • The case is way back seat in this episode. I’m finding I don’t really care.
  • “You see? This is about nothing more than Dr. Edison’s incompetence.” While that’s funny, it’s not true.
  • If this were an accurate allergy attack scene, there would be vast quantities of snot flying around willy nilly. Trust me on that. BTW, how do they know she’s not faking? Hmmm? Seems kind of silly.
  • I just found an old toenail on my couch!
  • “Survival is the human imperative. If we don’t look after ourselves, nothing else matters.” Why do I have the feeling this is going to come back and bite her in the ass sometime this season?
  • And Brennan is left alone. And it’s totally her own fault.
17 Responses to “Bones 6X02 — “The Couple in the Cave” Live-Blog”
  1. heather anne says:

    I felt like this was the biggest anvil of the episode: “Survival is the human imperative. If we don’t look after ourselves, nothing else matters.” And I’m both thrilled and terrified to see how that plays out.

    I know I’m supposed to like Hannah, but guess what? I don’t. You know why? Because she’s not Brennan. How’s that for scientific?

    Also, I had no problem with the crime-solving taking a backseat in this episode. It can take more backseats. NoRoMos to the left.

    • Abigail says:

      “NoRoMos to the left.”


    • Ashley says:

      Yeah, but I feel like maybe she might actually be cool. Like, if she weren’t dating Booth and making me hate her for not being Brennan, I might want to be her friend. I actually find it more comforting that she’s so different from Brennan, like he’s going back to his “type” (i.e. Rebecca) instead of trying to replace Brennan (which is impossible, and which is totally what he was trying to do by dating Rena Sofer last year).

  2. Jen says:

    I still hate her. I find her annoying. Plus, it’s jarring that all of a sudden Booth is in love with someone else. I know that time has passed unseen, but it is still doesn’t feel natural.

    The term Babymoon makes me uncomfortable. It should just be called a vacation in the non-mommyblogger world.

    • Ashley says:

      I like that jarring feeling. I find it refreshing. I also think that’s what we’re supposed to be feeling, because that’s what Brennan is feeling. Plus, it makes me curious as to how they’re going to get rid of her and bring things back to normal (plus sexytimes for B&B).

      Those damn mommybloggers have stupid names for EVERYTHING. It drives me insane.

      • Abigail says:

        Yeah, she’s spin-off cool. I want to know more about her work. And she looks good on TV in that vest.

      • Jen says:

        Good point about the jarring. But I’m still not sure I like her. It is also completely possible that I haven’t given her any sort of chance either.

        • Ashley says:

          Well, honestly, you don’t have to like her if you don’t want to. I am perfectly fine with people hating her. But you could definitely hate her way more, and I think that’s a good sign, like, it’s the good kind of hate? (The bad kind would be, say, if you thought she was stupid or annoying or unattractive, or otherwise not worthy of Booth. Basically she’s just in the way and that makes her awful.)

          • Jen says:

            Yeah, I’m not really arguing about whether or not she should be disliked by everyone, just expressing my gut reaction to her first episode. I think it’s impossible to draw any conclusions at this point. Things needed to be shaken up, though, so it isn’t just more of the same.

  3. Abigail says:

    When Hannah first showed up and they KISSED I just about lost my mind. But as we got to know her more I found it hard to hate her. Sure, I’m a BB shipper, but Brennan had her chance. If Hannah makes Booth happy, then Booth should be happy. I know that HH will pull through for us in the end, and I think this is a normal thing for Booth to do. Plus as Brennan keeps pointing out, Booth wants True Love. Brennan can’t give it to him right now. It’ll all work out. In the mean time, Hannah could have manifested much worsely. I’ll take this Hannah.

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