Bones 6X01 — “The Mastodon in the Room” Live-Blog

“The question is, are you back?”
Seeley Booth

– – –

Hey, folks, it’s been awhile. My life is on the fast train to Crazy Town right now, so it’s a miracle that I’m even here, basically. To give you a clearer picture of the situation, I have cut my TV watching down from twenty-seven shows last year (TWENTY SEVEN) to to ten this year (ONLY TEN). But I figured, since I’m going to be watching Bones anyway (I will NEVER give up Bones — you will literally have to kill me), I might as well write a little something while I’m at it. To take the pressure off, I’ve decided to live-blog it up tonight (and if you guys respond well, I might do the whole season this way). Plus it’ll be fun to get back into writing about Bones after that last piece of crap I churned out for the 100th episode. By the way, thanks to my lovely roommate, Alison, who is letting me borrow her laptop because while my computer is gorgeous, it is distinctly non-practical to lug around an iMac from room to room just for one measly live-blog. And now, TO THE BATCAVE! Er, that should probably be “TO THE JEFFERSONIAN!” but whatever.


  • IIIIIII’m gonna puke. (From excitement.)
  • And we’re back at the airport. NO! No goodbyes! I don’t want to rewatch all of them saying goodbye. It was painful enough the first time. Guh.
  • That is a seriously tiny skeleton on Cam’s table. Is that a midget? Or is it just a baby?
  • “I find it interesting that I’m only afraid of snakes when Booth is around to be jumped upon.” I’ll bet you do.
  • Booth (in Afghanistan) and Brennan (in Muluku) are both covered in dirt at the same time. Coincidence? I think not.
  • I really don’t like all this violence. Booth, STOP SHOOTING PEOPLE.
  • Brennan and Daisy trying to look like women to protect themselves from guerillas . . . I just . . . have no words. I love how both of them, who are very feminine on their own, have to try to conform to “traditional” feminine mannerisms. Oh, there we go. She’s kicking some ass now. That’s better.
  • Yeah, Booth, you idiot. COME HOME.
  • THE REFLECTING POOL. OH, SHIT. Hugging makes my heart happy. Now, if only they were kissing, all would be right with the world.
  • “The Piano Stylings of Lance Sweets.” Um, what? John Francis Daley, why don’t you just get over here and marry me already?
  • Hannah. I hate her already.
  • Cam angry at Brennan, yes, very yes. “We had a good thing going and you let it fall apart.” I must mull this over for a little bit. There’s something in there with those words: “your own selfish desires.”
  • Parker got HUGE.
  • Wendell is also welcome to get over here and marry me.
  • “The Moppapachewy Islands.” Oh, Booth. You’re so doing that on purpose because you don’t want her to go back. You probably actively avoided learning the right name.
  • Sweets/Daisy and Booth/Brennan parallels are very interesting here. Both Daisy and Brennan, for whatever reason, were completely faithful to their respective partners. Sweets and Booth both moved on, Sweets with, uh, several women. But that’s what happens when you leave someone, I guess. They feel left. And correct me if I’m wrong here, but the person doing the leaving is nearly always doing it for “selfish” reasons. You leave for yourself, you leave a mess behind.
  • Is Wendell going to be the only Squintern for a while? I’m totally fine with that.
  • Oh, Caroline, I love that you used “absitively.” Have you been reading Neil Gaiman?
  • Sweets, please shave your face.
  • Angela is pregnant! I totally knew that. Wish I hadn’t been spoiled. Dammit. (Hodgins is going to make such a good daddy.)
  • Hart Hanson has literally pulled out all the stops for this episode. Not a single emotional button left unpushed. Damn you, sir. Damn you.
  • Everybody thinks they’re the lynchpin. Ha. Angela and Hodgins. Booth. Brennan. Caroline.
  • I was wondering when that whole Mastodon thing would come into play. “We’ve worked around bigger.”
  • Good times.
6 Responses to “Bones 6X01 — “The Mastodon in the Room” Live-Blog”
  1. NTE says:

    Excellent live blogging: if you’re going to do it again next week, let us know so we can follow along. (“Beep”/ turns the page)

    • Ashley says:

      Well, here’s the thing, I call it live-blogging, but it’s really not. I don’t publish it until I’m done so I can fix things and add things. And also because I’m vain. So it went up right after the episode was over in Arizona/Mountain time.

      I know this mostly defeats the purpose of live-blogging, but I can’t help it. The real way stresses me out.

  2. heather anne says:


    OK, so I really hated last season’s finale, which we’ve discussed in painstaking detail. It had nothing to do with Brennan leaving, or Booth and Brennan not getting together. I just thought it was rushed and WAY out of character for Booth. So this summer I refused to even think about Bones much. I was kind of convinced Hart couldn’t pull it back together in a convincing way. BUT I WAS WRONG. This was one of my favorite episodes EVER. Just enough big laughs and emotional sucker punches. Brennan was so Brennan-y, it was fantastic. Brennan and Daisy in those opening scenes was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. And God, Hodgins has somehow managed to get dreamier than Booth. Like WAY dreamier. I love him so much. And that mastodon. I laughed and clapped out loud at the reveal. I approve of your heavy-handedness on this one, Mr. Hanson. Well played. Well fucking played.

    • Ashley says:

      I know you hated the finale, but I liked it, and this episode is why.

      A lot of my deal last season was that I wasn’t sure where they were going with the show. Right before the 100th episode, if you recall, I was all, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON because everything was falling apart. Like, okay, I get that you have to keep these people apart (mostly because of the network) but WHY IS EVERYTHING SO AWFUL. I really couldn’t see how, from a storytelling point of view, HH & Co. could possibly sustain interesting stories over Booth’s rejection face and Brennan’s feeling sad about it. And then in the second to last episode, when she started questioning her job and how she wasn’t happy around all this murder . . . something kind of clicked in my head.

      Breaking the team up would solve everything. I could practically picture this exact episode as soon as that finale aired. Seven months away gives distance in terms of story and emotion. It allows both Brennan and Booth to either move on or dwell on experiences and decisions already made. And it allows the entire team to realize what a good thing they have. I think my favorite part of this episode was Brennan’s realization that her actions were selfish and that she let down the people she cared about by putting her own emotional needs ahead of theirs. That isn’t something season one Brennan would care about at all. In season one, she would have dismissed her need of other people as a biological response, something she was above, but here we’ve got her using anthropology almost as an excuse to keep everyone together.

      I also think that Brennan’s little Muluku trip was important for her development as a character. Her leaving wasn’t just about being a real anthropologist again. Her life was more complicated than it had ever been. People depended on her, not just monetarily, but emotionally. She had her friends, her difficult family, and a lovelorn Booth in her life. I would argue that having the guilt of that lovelorn Booth on her hands is the most important, but mostly I think she just wanted things to be simple again. Back before her life was complicated and messy and full of heartbreak. But it was also kind of empty back then, something I think she is only beginning to realize now, after having been away for so long.

      As for Booth, I think we might have to suspend a little disbelief. I know you don’t believe that he would ever have gone back to war, but I think we might justify it. People do crazy things sometime, especially when they’re heartbroken. AND! I’ve just realized something: if Brennan was trying to get her life back to how it was before Booth, then Booth is trying to do the exact same thing. But it doesn’t work for either of them. He’s just running away, same as she is, and he leaves people behind as well, people who are depending on him, like Parker.

      I think I have more to say but I should probably stop now because this comment is now officially longer than my post.

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