Ashley Ranks the Pixar Movies

For the past twenty-four hours, I’ve been watching every Pixar movie in order, starting with Toy Story. Supposedly I was doing this in preparation for my imminent viewing of Toy Story 3, but let’s be honest. It was just an excuse for me to watch ten awesome movies in a row and then brag about it.

In this week’s Entertainment Weekly, two of their columnists ranked all the Pixar films, and that intrigued and upset me. Of course I didn’t agree with the rankings. Something is obviously wrong when you, Owen Gleiberman and Lisa Schwartzbaum, have Cars ranked above Toy Story 2, and Ratatouille is all the way down at number eight. I mean, what is wrong with you people? Here is a correct ranking:

1. Finding Nemo
3. Toy Story
4. Ratatouille
5. Toy Story 2
6. Up
7. The Incredibles
8. Monsters, INC
9. Cars
10. A Bug’s Life

Please note that what makes this a correct ranking (not ‘the’) is the fact that Cars and A Bug’s Life are in the bottom two. As long as they sit in spots #9 and #10, your personal ranking is correct (it’s not that those movies are bad, but that they are obviously inferior to the others). What you put in the other eight spots is up to your personal taste.

Frankly, for me it’s a toss-up between #’s 1-5 on any given day. I love Up, The Incredibles, and Monsters, INC, but the others I LOVE! Bold, capslock, exclamation point, underline it kind of love. And that is an entirely personal reaction. For example, I know that Ratatouille isn’t everybody’s favorite, but I have such a visceral reaction to that movie for some reason (and one scene in particular) that I can’t help but elevate it above The Incredibles, which is an amazing movie.

What are your rankings? Do you agree with me? Or do absolutely 100% want to rip my head off and fight me to the death because The Incredibles is the best motherfucking movie ever? Tell me your thoughts. (You can also follow my Twitter feed for the rest of the day and play along. I’m about to start Finding Nemo.)

10 Responses to “Ashley Ranks the Pixar Movies”
  1. Abigail says:

    Alright, I did this before the last movie came out and I put a lot more thought in in then, so when I get home tonight I’ll compare this list to the one I made last year:

    Toy Story
    Toy Story 2
    Finding Nemo
    Monsters, INC
    The Incredibles
    A Bug’s Life

    • Abigail says:

      So I went back and found my old list, which was made right before the release of WALL*E. I made a comment then that I was only certain of the first three, and that the rest were ranked based on what I could remember and it had been a while. It’s been even longer now because I haven’t rewatched any of these movies besides the Toy Storys. I am heavily influenced by the views of people who care more than me, which is why I think this list is a little different. I think the short version is that I can’t pick favorites.

      1. Finding Nemo
      2. Ratatouille
      3. Toy Story
      4. Cars
      5. The Incredibles
      6. Monsters, Inc.
      7. Toy Story 2
      8. A Bug’s Life

  2. Emily says:

    Um, Ashley, you’re wrong. I can’t believe I’m commenting on your post with something real, but here goes:
    1. The Incredibles
    2. Up
    3. Toy Story
    4. WALL*E
    5. Finding Nemo
    6. Toy Story 2
    7. Ratatouille
    8. Monsters, INC
    9. A Bug’s Life
    10. Cars

  3. Jen says:

    Hmm seems like personal preference to me. As a route 66 fanatic, I would put cars much higher. I also don’t have the same love for ratatouille that the rest of America has. Also, I think Toy story 2 wasn’t nearly as great as some of the others. A bugs life would definitely be my #10. I guess my ranking wouldn’t be “correct” however, so I don’t think I will post it.

  4. NTE says:

    I disagree slightly, but I agree with your ultimate conclusion about #9 and #10 – I think these are all fabulous movies, but Cars is my least favorite of the bunch (because who cares about cars, is my feeling). I would probably move Monster’s Inc up more, because of Boo, and “kitty”, but overall: good list. Maybe I should convince the kiddos to do a marathon with me before they see it.

  5. Alyssa says:

    I think it’s time to de-lurk. :)

    First of all, Toy Story 3 is AMAZING. I just saw it and I already want to watch it again and again.

    Second, I both agree and disagree with your list. I have no interest in cars beyond thinking the Mini Cooper is cute, but I really enjoyed Pixar’s Cars. It’s not my favorite, but I would probably rate it higher. A Bug’s Life, however, deserves the #10 spot in my eyes. My #1 would definitely be Toy Story, followed closely by Toy Story 3 now that I’ve seen it. Beyond that it would be very hard for me to rank the Pixar movies because I love some just as much as others.

    • Ashley says:

      Yes! A de-lurking! How long have you been reading?

      • Alyssa says:

        A couple of months, but I’ve been too shy to comment until now. :P I think I found this site in a roundabout way from The Torch Online. I loved the Bones recaps, and you’ve made me plan to start watching Farscape once I’m finished with Buffy (I’m on season 6).

  6. Despite the fact that I have yet too see Up and Cars in their entirety, I still feel it necessary to raise the “YOU’RE WRONG” flag and place a fan behind it so that it whips in the direction of your list. Also, even though my not having seen those two movies means that I’m thoroughly unqualified to judge any such list, much less try to make one of my own, allow me to judge you and make a list:

    Toy Story
    Finding Nemo
    The Incredibles
    Toy Story 2
    Monsters, INC
    A Bug’s Life

    Toy Story has to be first in my estimation because the combination of ‘Groundbreaking Method’ and ‘Amazing Story’ characteristics set a standard that few live action movies could come close to meeting. That being said, I’d still rather watch any of the Pixar movies over nearly any other movie of the last two decades.

  7. Ashley says:

    Okay, so this is a reply to everybody just to prove how full of shit I can be sometimes. It’s been ten days and already my list is way different than the one I posted on the 20th. I think sometimes I just like to say stuff and see what happens. The danger comes in people taking me seriously all the time. Also, I’ve decided it’s pretty much impossible to rank the Pixar movies, both because I get a different answer for myself every day and because different people like different things. Oh, well.

    (Except for serious, A Bug’s Life is always last, which is now #11.)

    And also also, I am newly pissed that Pixar has scrapped Newt in favor of Cars 2. It sounded really cute!

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