Farscape Rewatch! — “Through the Looking Glass,” “A Bug’s Life”

WEEK NINE [Permanent Archive Here] Apologies in advance: this is the longest one of these suckers yet. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to either of these episodes, but in both cases I was pleasantly surprised. I think I must have been way, way dumber two years ago. Like, my brain cells must have multiplied exponentially, … Continue reading

Pilot Watch: FX’s ‘Justified’

So everybody’s been talking about this new show called Justified that premiered on FX last Tuesday. It stars Timothy Olyphant as the bad ass angry motherfucker U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. When I first heard about this show, I didn’t give it much thought but then everyone was talking about how awesome it was so I … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

It’s an important day here at Hero Headquarters because it’s our very own hero, Ashley’s, birthday! To wish our queen of TV a very happy birthday indeed, leave a comment or, you know, find Nathan Fillion and bring him to Tuscon. Ashley, here are some videos for you:

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