Some Thoughts About the Season Premiere of ‘Lost’

Honestly, I’m not even going to try and parse what’s going on in “LA X” (the sixth and final season premiere of Lost) at a deeper level, both because I’m exhausted and because I know that other people are doing it for me right as I speak, and then their thoughts will be delivered directly to my Google Reader because that is the magic of the world we live in today. Due to several horrible circumstances (having to work until 11:00 PM, my motherfrakking DVR not recording it) I had to get up bright and early, greeting the buttcrack of dawn, in order to watch the two hour premiere via Hulu. I haven’t gotten out of bed that easily in a very long time.

Anyway, the main thing that I wanted to share unnecessarily with you this afternoon is my surprise at being surprised. Lost is a show that has basically trademarked the “WHAT THE FUCK?” reaction and every time they do it something inside of me goes, well, that was it! They will never surprise me again! And then they do, over and over and over again. And every single time my reaction is the same: “What the FUCK!?” I’m sorry if that is just too much “fuck” for you, but I’m trying to be honest here and this show makes me CRAZY. Practically everyone I know who watches Lost has spent the last year asking themselves one question: Did it work? “It” of course refers to Daniel Faraday’s nutty plan, enacted by Jack and Juliet, to explode a nuclear bomb on the island in 1977, thus preventing The Swan station from ever being built which in turn would prevent Oceanic 315 from ever crashing on the island. I was of the opinion that it wouldn’t work, or at least wouldn’t work in the way that the Lostaways wanted it to (as an honest to God do-over), but I know a lot of people who thought it would work and that Season Six would just be a great big re-visit to Season One. The show coming full circle if you will.

But I don’t think — and I could be wrong about this, because everyone and their mother has theories about Lost — that anyone considered the possibility that both could be true. For that appears to be exactly what has happened. Instead of flashbacks or flashforwards, we now have two distinct timelines: one in which our Lostaways are still trapped on Craphole Island, and another in which they never crashed at all. This turn of events is both surprising and encouraging because we get to have our cake and eat it, too. We get an answer to that question, what would have happened if they didn’t crash? AND we get to see the other timeline deal with its failure. To what end this dual storyline is headed for I can only guess (it probably has something do with Jacob and Esau, which is what I’m calling the man in black/the smoke monster, and good and evil and all that jazz), but what I really need to say is how appreciative I am that a show telling this strange of a story can make it for six seasons. Grateful may seem like a strange emotion to feel, but I am. Grateful that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and all the other creative minds behind the show trust their audience enough to create this show the way they do. A lesser show handling the same story as played out in “LA X” would have hand fed us explanations, patronizing our intelligence and ruining the narrative in the process. But Lost, it just puts it all out there. One second we’re on Oceanic 315 and the next — with no explanation otherwise — we’re still on the Island, and both stories are real and make sense. That trust in audience and in the power of storytelling to stand by itself is the reason this show has such a rabid fanbase, and why I think that Lost is a TV show people will remember for a long, long time to come.

If you would like actual coherent thoughts about “LA X” and Lost in general, I refer you to these lovely people and bid you adieu:

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  • Doc Jensen’s always entertaining and brain-melty recap from Entertainment Weekly
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  • Myles McNutt from Cultural Learnings
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11 Responses to “Some Thoughts About the Season Premiere of ‘Lost’”
    • Ashley says:

      Oh, look what you did there. I even commented on it! I guess I must have blocked that from my memory. Except even when I read it, I’m not sure I knew that’s what you meant. I probably thought you were referring to timelines within the same story. This is more of a multiple universes kind of thing.

      • Joe G. says:

        I suppose I didn’t really elaborate on the theory. I didn’t want to potentially spoil things too much.

        Also, yes to the Juliet pissed-offedness. That was just mean for no reason. At least she’s still alive in the other timeline, though.

  1. Jennie says:

    Excuse me, but I would l ike your thoughts re: Juliet. Thank you in advance.

    • Ashley says:

      Firstly, you’re so polite!

      Secondly, I was pissed about Juliet. As I’ve already stated on Twitter and other places, I mourned Juliet last May and as far as I was concerned, she was dead. I figured she’d pop up in the alterna-LA where everybody is still alive that the show seemed to be headed for, but I don’t think of that timeline as the “real” timeline (although I might change my mind in the future.) So when Juliet showed up I was PISSED because I knew that meant I had to watch her die all over again and this time I had to do it with Sawyer holding her and crying and it was pretty much the most awful thing this show has ever done to me. Almost as bad as the “Not Penny’s Boat” death scene they gave Charlie in Season Three.

      Your thoughts?

  2. Jennie says:

    What you said, that’s what I’m thinking. I was so, so upset, like physically ill, that we had to watch (Sawyer watch!) Juliet die again. Like you, I thought she’d be back in the Plane-Lands universe but figured she was dead dead on the island. I guess no one on Lost is ever dead-dead, but still.

  3. kat says:

    (1) sniff, juliet.

    (2) someone should invent an alarm clock that wakes you up every morning with a new episode of lost.

    (3) ‘not penny’s boat’ would be an awesome band name.

    • Ashley says:

      2. Yes, but it would only work for 15 days.
      3. You should copyright it and then sell it to the highest bidder. Is that how copyright works? If not, it should be.

  4. Jen says:

    I cried both times Juliet died and I feel robbed of my tears. Was it really necessary for me (and Sawyer) to go through that twice? Mean.

    During the “not Penny’s boat” death scene, I literally screamed at the TV and then ranted to my Lost fan coworker the next day about how Charlie didn’t really need to die!! (but at least we weren’t going to hear Claire yell “Charlie!!” in that annoying fashion anymore)

    I really like the 2 timelines. My curiosity has been piqued once again. I also feel like I got just the right number of answers to my questions, without them being lame. I have officially transitioned from slightly frustrated back to intrigued.

    I think it might be close to time to start watching from the beginning once again – my beautiful set of LOST blu-rays, seasons 1-5 are calling to me from the DVD cabinet.

    • Ashley says:


      (I just bought season five yesterday from Amazon. It was on sale for 50% off and I had Amazon rewards points so I didn’t even have to pay for it.)

      • ataleof2monkeys says:

        Random observation: what is it with everyone yelling each other’s names on this show? Jack is always yelling “KATE!” while Kate is yelling “SAWYER!” With Claire, it was “CHAAAAAHLEE!!!” and nothing can beat Michael’s “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!”

        (The Blu-Rays were on super duper Christmas sale. Love it)

        (Also, yay, I have a face now instead of the bright green polygon pattern)

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