Farscape Rewatch! — “Till the Blood Runs Clear,” “Rhapsody in Blue”

WEEK SIX [Permanent Archive Here] With these two episodes under my belt, we’re officially halfway through with Farscape Season One, so everyone give yourself a big round of applause. You sat on your asses and watched TV and it was awesome while I did all the work. JUST KIDDING. (Only kind of. I’m not bitter.) … Continue reading

Mid-Season Round-Up

Mid-season television can be confusing, especially nowadays when it’s becoming ever more common for networks to break seasons of shows in two parts or for them to wait to premiere a show until January or February so as to assure a straight run. At mid-season you’ve got wacky stuff happening all over the place: new … Continue reading

Farscape Rewatch! — “DNA Mad Scientist,” “They’ve Got a Secret”

WEEK FIVE [Permanent Archive Here] Well, that was a fun little accidental break. You guys are still reading, right? It doesn’t really matter to me. I’m gonna write this crap no matter what, so there’s that. But it would be nice to know. Anyway, apparently I lose all will to write when I visit my … Continue reading

White Collar is back tonight on USA!

If you’re a fan of good times and also Matt Bomer (also known as Bryce Larkin) (and with a face like that who isn’t) then I really recommend checking out his show on USA, White Collar. It’s coming back tonight (1o/9c) after a winter break and cliffhanger that drove me to finding the White Collar … Continue reading

Link Love: Chuck Soars

BDH’s own Heather Anne has a post up at The Torch Online! Head on over to read about BDH favorite Chuck (don’t forget to watch tonight!) and Heroes.

Bones 5X11 Mini-Cap: “The X in the File”

“You just basically said that aliens are nice anthropologists. You think . . . aliens are you!” Seeley Booth – – – I don’t have time tonight for a full recap, nor does the episode much merit it, but a little something needed to be said. It’s not to say that “The X in the … Continue reading

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