TV Trajectory: November 9 -14


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How I Met Your Mother: B, Barney and Robin break up which is a major downer in the worst way (even though acceptable on some level). Lily’s grand idea saves this episode from a B- or lower by providing a hysterical robot gag and Ted bitches about money. (Last week: A)

Parks and Recreation: B+, Nearly the full cast comes together for an art project and fails miserably as expected. Leslie again proves to be just as strong as her weakest link and they throw together a mural that is absolute rubbish (literally and figuratively). As usual the plot explanation never sounds as clever, cute, or funny as it plays out so trust us on this one. You should be watching this show. It’s amazing. (Last week: A-)

30 Rock: A-, Lemon and Jack are on fire (literally and figuratively) in a business dispute that only ends well after drama with an agent who represents dogs, a show called Sports Shouting, and Padma from Top Chef. Also, Tracy and Jenna are teamed up again using t-shirts to get the message across: “The Problem” and “Solvers” gets better and better until the end when they’re both accurately wearing shirts that say “The Problem.” (Last week: B)

Bones: A, Dr./Chef Gordon Gordon returns to help Booth fire his gun. (Which sounds, as Gordon Gordon notes, desperately phallic.) See, because something’s gone wrong in Booth’s heart department and it’s showing itself in his shooting skillz. It all leads to Booth confessing (finally!) that he is in love with Brennan, and Gordon Gordon counseling him to have hope and patience. Oh, and Brennan is becoming “quite amusing.” And a leprechaun gets killed by his brother. (Last week: B+)

Gossip Girl:
A, The only reason “They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?” didn’t get an A+ is because Georgina Sparks wasn’t in town. Blair and Serena affirm their love for one another in an elevator (just like in the books!), Nate and Chuck have a lost weekend, Jenny’s conversion to queen bitch is 94 percent complete, and the Dan/Olivia/Vanessa threesome is everything we hoped for. I’m bummed Hilary Duff’s last episode is tonight. She’s been surprisingly awesome. (Last week: B)

Ugly Betty:
A, Ugly Betty feels so right again. Everything that was good about the first season is even better, because we know these characters now. Justin went deep into the closet this week, and Marc quietly helped him shut the door. Betty tried to seduce Hilda’s high school boyfriend. Hilda was amazing in a thousand ways, and finally got that homecoming crown she’d been wanting since she was a pregnant youth. Meanwhile, Daniel is in a cult, which:  shocking, I know. (Last week: B)

The Office: A-, “Murder” features Michael at his Michaelest, just in time for an ominous storyline that looks like it will be having repercussions for the rest of the season: Dunder Mifflin is in trouble again, and we all know how hilarious that can be (see: Season One, Season Three). While the actual Murder Mystery storyline wasn’t as funny as past office shenanigans (see: “Cafe Disco,” “Ben Franklin,” etc.), an ominous feeling of panic undercut the entire episode, which was basically sugar-coated with twenty-five Delta Burkes, I do declare. Plus: Tube City. (Last week: B+).

Glee: A-, “Wheels” is Glee at its finest (and most rare). While I personally tend to grade this show by how many songs it makes me download afterwards, other people like these things called stories and characters. “Wheels” had both at top form. The episode was tied together by actual themes — as New Directions raises money to rent the short bus so Artie can ride with them to Sectionals — and the final wheelchair number was spectacular, even if we do find out that Artie is kind of a wheelchair douchebag. Way to break Tina’s heart, fella, but keep it up, show. (Last Episode: B).

V: C-, Way to be a downer after last week. Cheesy, predictable, and not all exciting. Erica finds out that Jack is a priest (which probably pisses her off because of the whole No Sex thing), there’s a boring FBI task force looking into the V’s (with a Cylon as it’s leader), and Alan Tudyk isn’t dead, but everyone thinks he is. Erica’s boss (the yummy Roark Critchlow) suspects her of . . . something, and it’s all a mess. Erica’s kid is just creepy and annoying with his V obsession. The saving grace of this episode was the incredibly creepy interaction between Anna, the leader of the V’s, and Scott Wolf, who continues to push V buttons with his ageless face and political slitherings. (Last week: B-).

Grey’s Anatomy: B+, A little slippage after the awesome of the past three or four episodes, and it’s mostly because I was really upset that Izzy was back. When she’s back, it just reminds us how stupid and pointless her leaving really is (and we all know it’s because of IRL stuff, not character stuff). It was fun seeing Cristina get to play with a Cardio God, even if it was a mini one in Kim Raver shape, and the end reveal about the Chief’s fall into madness was really effective. Not too much on the Meredith front, despite it being her first week back from having a baby donating a piece of her liver to her alcoholic father. Overall, good, could have been better. (Last week: A-)

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  1. myoctober says:

    Good lord, these are spot on.

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