Currently Playing: “Fireflies” by Owl City

abigailI’m not very good at music as a hobby, so I listen to the real radio (FM radio being it’s technical name) when I’m in the car and sometimes at home too. I enjoy it. I enjoy the DJs, I enjoy pop music, and I enjoy being a participant in popular culture. (Interestingly, that is also exactly why I am obsessed with American Idol. Ryan Seacrest, pop music, most watched show ever.)

The majority of music I hear is the same music over and over again. This week it’s Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, a new Five for Fighting song, and maybe one other thing I’m forgetting. So I was shocked to hear this happy ditty come on the radio. It feels so… not mainstream. (It probably is on account of it was on my FM radio, but it felt different.) If you haven’t heard this yet, enjoy. The music and the video feel like magic to me. Sometimes I play it over and over again.

“Fireflies” by Owl City

(Damn. Embedding doesn’t work. You’ll have to click through to the YouTubes. Sorryz.)

5 Responses to “Currently Playing: “Fireflies” by Owl City”
  1. Ashley says:

    This one has been on the XM Top 20 for about two months now, and it surprised me, too. It’s probably because it gets in your head and won’t let go, which is why I’m not going to watch that video you’ve embedded so kindly.

    If you can afford it, I HIGHLY recommend Sirius/XM Radio. Not only is there always something on on the like BILLION stations you get, but I have found a lot of good music that I never would have heard otherwise. It’s only $12 bucks a month after you buy the stereo (which, to be fair, came with my car so it was pretty easy). And there are no commercials. None.

    I haven’t listened to FM radio in over two years. (NPR is on AM, doesn’t count.)

    • Abigail says:

      I have Sirius in my car (free trial) and I sort of like it, but I LOVE FM (as stated with my threefold reasoning). The only time I switch from FM to Sirius is when I really don’t feel in the mood to hear a certain song. I even like my FM commercials. It’s inexplicable.

      Plus, I found Sirius to be confusing. There were too many channels. I couldn’t navigate. There was no old timey story-telling station. I found one that I liked (“The Coffee House”) and listened to them exclusively for a weekend. It turned out they played different music than my local FM station, but they play their music just as repeatedly. And as much as I love singer/songwriters, their songs aren’t made to be heard four times a day. That truly is Lady Gaga’s domain.

      I do think I’d probably like the Top 20 station (Heather listens to it too), but I don’t know how to find it. I really am bad at music as a hobby. Those old timey iPods with the wheely deely? Can’t work ’em.

      (I think my support of free local radio is starting to turn into a soap box. Red alert.)

  2. Ashley says:

    I think what it comes down to is that you live in LA and I live in Tucson. LA FM radio is good, Tucson FM radio is THE WORST EVER. It is weird that you like commercials, though. Blech.

    Do you have just Sirius or Sirius/XM? I’m not sure how it works since the merger. If you have XM, it’s channel #20. Do you need me to send you a guide of the best channels on XM? I have much knowledge.

  3. heatherannehogan says:

    We get Ryan Seacrest’s syndicated radio show in the afternoons in the ATL now. I wish he’d read more New Moon.

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