TV Trajectory: Nov 2 – 6

We’re introducing a new feature at Big Damn Heroes this morning: TV Trajectory!

Now that you’ve had a chance to catch up with your DVR over the weeekend, we’re micro-recapping (and charting) what happened on TV last week.  Need a refresher before new episodes air this week? Want a place to talk rehash what happened? Want to know if your favorite shows soaring or plummeting? We’re here for you!


Micro-recaps after the break!

Office: B+, Incredibly awkward watching Michael Scott break up with Pam’s mom, but it was true to character, and some of his lines were spot on (still upset that they recast her). Felt kind of betrayed for the second week in a row by the appearance of Bitch Pam. The Andy/Dwight B plot was sufficiently amusing, but not as clever as past bits. (Last week: B+)

V: B-, Creepy, but still missing something. Would appreciate more humor, but it’s pretty solid for a pilot. Angry about Alan Tudyk being a bad guy again, hoping that it veers from the old show’s storylines a lot more.

Grey’s Anatomy: A-, Dare I say it? This show is pretty good again. The Chief keeps throwing hissy fits, but he got his ass kicked a little this week, and I like that with the disappearance of Izzy (thank GOD) and the recovery of Meredith from surgery, we get to know the supporting players more. The new doctors from the Mercy West merger are also pretty interesting (even if Nora Zehetner does need to grow her hair out). (Last Week: A)

Bones: B+, It’s hard to remember the murder plot when Booth and Brennan stare at each other as deeply as they did for ten solid minutes in the closing scene. As always, the best thing about Bones is the complex moral quandaries it poses but does not answer. (To save a single pig or not to save a single pig, that is the question.) Love the Angela/Wendell hook-up. Love the multilayered dialogue in the closing scene. “It can wait. I trust you.” (Last Week: B+)

Modern Family: A+, The best half hour of TV so far this season. Best lines: “It was the Emerald City at the end of my Yellow Brick Road.” “Wow, you’ve done it. You’ve made figure skating sound even gayer.” And, oh, that figure skating.(Last Week: A)

Ugly Betty: B, This season is infinitely better than last season. In fact, this season is what should have happened last season, and now Betty is in the death slot and it is too late to revive her! Last week, Betty finally attended a party by herself and realized she didn’t have to throw away career for a dude or her family. Bummed that the writers are taking the cheap way out with Daniel’s new grief-counseling friend, glad Willi’s daughter will be gone soon. Yaya DaCosta, you are no Gabrielle Union.(Last week: B)

Gossip Girl: B, The gayest episode of Gossip Girl ever. Which is saying something. (Something awesome.) (Last week: B)

HIMYM: A, solid A per the usual. We get Marshall doing his “I rock at being in relationships” shtick which always manages to beat out Barney’s “I’m a womanizer, what up” shtick. Plus, return of the slap bet! The only thing that’s keeping this from an A+ is the lack of significant flashforwards or backs. (Last week: A+)

30 Rock: B, There are a lot of extra people filling up 30 Rockefeller for TGS auditions so we don’t get very much Liz or Tracy, boo hoo. However, Jack falls in love with a robot so WIN! (Last week: A-)

Parks & Recreation: A-, Megan Mullaly guest stars as Ron Swanson’s ex-wife Tammy. Did you guys know they’re married IRL? It’s true. Ron rocks it (and her) (inappropriately) before Leslie fixes things. (Oh, Leslie.) Also, Andy talks about the economy. (Last week: A)

Check back next Monday for another edition of TV Trajectory. Let us know what you thought of last week’s TV in the comments!

6 Responses to “TV Trajectory: Nov 2 – 6”
  1. Carl says:

    No lover for Flash Forward? I swear I must be the only person in the world that likes this show…

  2. Cate says:

    LOVE THIS. Modern Family is by far my favorite new show, and I’ve enjoyed it as much as Parks and more than The Office this season. Every character is gold, but Cam and Mitch are my favorites.

    Also, the slap bet and Marshall’s speech were my favorite parts of HIMYM this week too.

  3. heatherannehogan says:

    Cate, I’m so glad you love P&R! You got AMae hooked too, yeah!?

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