Vintage (to current) Viewing: Bones

abigailI am a machine. I watched all four seasons plus the first five episodes of the currently airing fifth season in less than five weeks. I really, really like Bones.

(Also, I like to think that nears Ashley levels of machine-ness, but she can do that do a show PLUS stay on top of all current TV.)

Once I finished, I quickly got to work reading and watching all extra-curricular data on the internet. Wikipedia entries, Paley Center vids, and finally tonight I got around to fanvids.

I ship ship SHIP Booth and Brennan. Like, they’ve made my LIST of couples. I’m in love with them. I’m in love with this show. I’m sad that I don’t have hours of Bones a day to watch anymore.

Here are my two favorite videos of the night:

And this is the most heart stopping thing EVER:

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