Ashley on Short Hiatus

ashleyDear Readers of Big Damn Heroes,

First of all, thanks for reading. Second of all, I have an important announcement to make. Due to an almost unbelievable amount of work that has been piling up on top of me for quite some time, I will not be blogging here (or probably at Ashley Awesome, either) for about the next week or so. You have probably noticed that I did not blog last week, either, so this announcement should retro-actively cover that as well.

I know that if I promised to blog here, it would immediately become my priority and I would ignore my schoolwork and my teaching duties in favor of it, so I’m taking away the temptation. Also, I can’t speak for Heather Anne and Abigail, but I’m pretty sure they’re very busy as well. Just wanted to let you know that we’re not quitting on this thing, the world just hates us, and we’ll be back very shortly.




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