Hero Extras: PB&J 4EVA

HH_Polaroid If you believe in the soul-sustaining power of love and/or television, you know that Pam and Jim — the best television couple in the history of time and space — are tying the knot on Thursday night’s The Office. After half a decade of waiting and one really excruciating walk across hot coals, you might be tempted to call this thing “finally” — but that would be misnomer. Just like everything else The Office writers have done with Pam and Jim in six seasons, this Halpert/Beasley wedding is right on time.

(Promo video, spoilery photos and best JAM episodes behind the cut.)

I could recap Pam and Jim’s relationship with words, or you could just watch this 30-second video:

If you’re not crying I want a 500-word essay on my desk by the end of the day about why you are dead inside. If you are crying, I invite you to click through to OfficeTally.com for several more promos.

To celebrate Pam and Jim’s big day, here are a some of the sweetest promo shots you’ve ever seen.

I was going to make a list of best Pam and Jim moments, but this person did it for me. Seriously, click through (then click back here!) and let’s discuss it in the comments.

9 Responses to “Hero Extras: PB&J 4EVA”
  1. Abigail says:

    I would just like to say that I am NOT reading this post because I am being all spoiler-free for this (for no good reasons really, I just decided).

    But I will come back later. Promise.

  2. kat says:

    he is very tall.

    also, i am dead inside.

    • heatherannehogan says:

      Psh, you just don’t watch this show. If I remember correctly, you cried when Chuck Klosterman got engaged. :)

  3. Jennie says:

    I am so very screwed for Thursday’s episode, because I can’t even read through that list of moments without tearing up. Stupid feelings.

  4. Ashley says:

    I feel like they are real people. And that makes me happy for the world.

  5. NTE says:

    Must buy tissues for Thursday night, because I know I will not make it through that without crying. I’m smiling just thinking about it… it’s going to be a good week.

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