Vintage (to current) Viewing: Bones

I am a machine. I watched all four seasons plus the first five episodes of the currently airing fifth season in less than five weeks. I really, really like Bones. (Also, I like to think that nears Ashley levels of machine-ness, but she can do that do a show PLUS stay on top of all … Continue reading

Vintage Viewing: Bones, Seasons 1 and 2

Thanks to a little service I call AshleyFlix (which is like Netflix, but with personality) I’ve been very rapidly working my way through Bones Seasons 1 and 2. For example, I am just two episodes away from the end of Season 2 and I only started it on Thursday. Turns out I love me some … Continue reading

Ashley on Short Hiatus

Dear Readers of Big Damn Heroes, First of all, thanks for reading. Second of all, I have an important announcement to make. Due to an almost unbelievable amount of work that has been piling up on top of me for quite some time, I will not be blogging here (or probably at Ashley Awesome, either) … Continue reading

Hero Extras: PB&J 4EVA

If you believe in the soul-sustaining power of love and/or television, you know that Pam and Jim — the best television couple in the history of time and space — are tying the knot on Thursday night’s The Office. After half a decade of waiting and one really excruciating walk across hot coals, you might … Continue reading

Stargate Universe 1X01 and 1X02 — “Air, I & II”

I like to think of Stargate as a lovable, wayward child. You know, the kind who have mussed hair and chubby cheeks and cracker crumbs all over their faces, and then they paint you a picture and it’s pretty bad in comparison to what all the other kids are painting, but they are just so … Continue reading

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