Do you see anyone else holding a plate of “I’m Sorry” Cookies?: Glee Episode 1.03 Review

abigailLet me preface this by saying that I love Glee. I’m not a hater. I could never be a hater: singing on TV is a dream come true.


WTF happened in last night’s episode “Acafellas”?

I was so lost through most of it. It felt as though the show had flash forwarded several episodes. It felt as though I had missed something, somehow. I even checked to see if I had miscounted. But no, before now it was just “Pilot” with Don’t Stop Believin’ and “Showmance” with Gold Digger. Let’s watch the Gold Digger clip right now, actually.

Now that is good TV. In fact, I loved last week’s episode in it’s entirety. It moved on well from the pilot and seemed to be moving the show into episode territory (and out of pilot-exposition territory). We had the expected fast-moving love triangles (Rachel/Finn/Quinn and Will/Terri/Emma) and some AWESOME smack talk from Cheer-ios Coach Sue Sylvester and then we were blown away by the totally inappropriate, yet totally high school, sex talk complete with dying kittens tips.

But last night when I should have been getting more answers; for example: why Terri is a crazy person and why Will loves her (both unknowns still and becoming more and more unbelievable no matter how much they googlie-eye each other) and what Finn was going to do about his two women, I was instead introduced to a whole new singing group, a plot line involving Josh Grobin (what?), and new Jesse Metcalfe-alike character.

I feel like I should be able to take a minute to harvest my strawberries on FarmVille while watching anything on primetime television without wondering what could have possible happened while my eyes were diverted. This episode had me continually asking the TV questions to which my roommate (who missed last week) would respond, “This wasn’t in last week’s episode?” Nope.


There were high points, I’ll admit. Mercedes and Kurt traverse the unsteady grounds of high school sexuality culminating in Mercedes’ singing “Bust Your Windows” and, well, busting his window (not a euphemism). Will’s supportive parents are introduced, Victor Garber (daddy Bristow!) and Debra Monk (who played Maureen’s mom in Center Stage!), and unlike their previous roles, they are warm and fun to watch. (Except… this weird part with Josh Grobin. What was that?)

“Acafellas” felt like a pilot… for a totally different show. Where was Will’s enthusiasm for glee club that was supposed to driving this show? Hmmm? Let’s hope next week pulls it together. I like singing, a lot, but I like story arcs too. I think one glee club is enough music groups for now.

5 Responses to “Do you see anyone else holding a plate of “I’m Sorry” Cookies?: Glee Episode 1.03 Review”
  1. Jennie says:

    Is Victor Garber going to be on every week? Because, if so, I might have to start watching this.

  2. heatherannehogan says:

    Whoa, Jennie: you’re not watching Glee?

  3. Ashley says:

    I actually liked this episode better than last week’s. I enjoyed Will’s mini mid-life crisis and Finn’s steadfast loyalty to the group. The Josh Groban thing killed me, especially the MILF part.

  4. kat says:

    okay, now that i’ve finally caught up with all of my DVR’s episodes, let me just say this: the only reason i am watching this show is because matthew morrison looks REALLY GOOD in clothes. (this is sort of how i only watch true blood because alexander skarsgard looks really good without clothes.) (also, i’m not sure what either of these two things says about me.)

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