Fall 2009 TV Round Up: Tuesday!

ashleyI’m not ashamed to tell you that I schedule my work and school as much as I can around my television watching. Thus, when I realized that with Fringe‘s move to Thursday the only show I would be watching on Tuesday nights was V, I was both angry and excited. I was excited because Tuesday night had magically freed itself up, making room for my part-time job of being a coffee bitch. But I was mostly angry. I am angry. I’m angry because there are nine shows that I HAVE TO WATCH on Thursdays. And eight of them occur within a two hour period. Thursday is a clusterfrak of TV programming, and Tuesday is WIDE OPEN until November, which is when V premieres. WTF, networks? WTF. I know you’re trying to be all “competitive” and stuff, but I AM GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK.

ABC, 8/7 Central

I am so excited by the prospect of this show that it almost scares me, because I don’t want to jinx it. My first hook was the cast. Elizabeth Mitchell (RIP Juliet), Morena Baccarin (RIP Firefly), Scott Wolf, Alan Tudyk (again with the Firefly) . . . there is win everywhere. Of course there’s also the production staff, which includes Jeffrey Bell, an individual who has had his hooks in many shows I love, i.e. Angel, The X-Files, and Alias. Then I rented the 1982 miniseries and its subsequent sequels, including the short-lived TV series, and I was done for. The original V is very dated, but very creepy.  To sum it up, V is the story of what would happen if supposedly friendly and beautiful aliens (see: Morena Baccarin) showed up on Earth one day, promising to fix all of our problems. Only: they’re aliens, and well, if you’ve seen the original, you know how it goes. The prospect of the story being updated and modernized is extremely drool-worthy to me, and I hope they don’t screw it up. (Premieres 11/3/09)

Pilot Watch:

  • The Good Wife — This sounded really boring to me, but then I read the description in the TV Guide and it kind of intrigued me, but mostly I just want to watch it because Julianna Margulies seems to be some kind of rare specimen that ages backwards. She looks ten years younger, now, than she did fifteen years ago in the pilot of ER. (CBS, 10/9 Central)

I Don’t Watch These, But You Might: NCIS, So You Think You Can Dance, The Biggest Loser, NCIS: Los Angeles.
Stay Away From: 90210, Melrose Place (Seriously, enough with the reboots! And they’re not even good reboots! Think up something new!!), The Forgotten

24 Responses to “Fall 2009 TV Round Up: Tuesday!”
  1. amorporchoco says:

    Your not the only one who does heavy around-tv time scheduling, amiga. I’ve managed to merge this and gym time since the new place has a tv per machine (also known as heaven). While this will in no way help me on Thursdays (fracking Thursdays), hour long shows – like V – are going to kick my butt into shape.
    I don’t want to wait two months!!!!

    • Abigail says:

      This is such a genius plan. Once, last year, when I was in the height of my Idol fandom (DAVID COOK MMMMMM) I was so pissed that they weren’t showing it at the gym. I was ranting to my roommate, “It’s the biggest show on TV! WHY WOULD THEY NOT HAVE THAT ON?” She was all, “Well, um, it’s a singing competition so… subtitles.”


  2. Linster says:

    Elizabeth Mitchell totally deserves her own day of programming. The rest of Tuesday should just be Elizabeth Mitchell, starting and ending with her ER run as Dr. Kim Legaspi, the sexiest character in the history of ever.

    Oh, and she’s going to show up a bit on Lost, so all is not, well, lost.

  3. Emily says:

    I thought you wrote “enough with the robots.” I suddenly got excited about Melrose Place.

  4. heatherannehogan says:

    I had to watch Melrose last week and I thought I was going to shoot myself in the face after 15 minutes. Every actor on the show is ten times worse than Nate Archibald. Yeah, that’s right.

  5. vahid says:

    I think you may be the sherpa that leads me back along the trail to the land of me watching television on a regular basis again. If I get on the bandwagon with some of these shows I might actually be kind of hip by the end of the year!

    Help me, Ashley-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

  6. doahleigh says:

    Okay even though your masthead clearly says HEROES! I keep reading it as Big Damn Horses. Which then of course makes me think of giant horse penises (I have no idea) and so now this site is synonymous with over-sized horse genitalia in my head. I’m so sorry.

  7. Dan says:

    I’m right there with you…for some reason, the networks hate me and have therefore loaded all of the shows I like on Thursday and, to a lesser extant, Monday. (Thank god I abandoned CSI or I’d be royally fucked on Thursdays.)

    Since I’m assuming that SyFy’s run of Warehouse 13 is drawing to a close, other than V, all Tuesday has going for it is NCIS…and, possibly, the spin-off.

    I wonder if Fox will do the House/Bones shuffle midseason…

    • Ashley says:

      Warehouse 13 ends in two weeks (tonight’s episode, “Nevermore” features Saul Motherfucking Tigh as Myka’s dad, and next week’s is called “McPherson,” so . . .), and Eureka ends this week to make room for Sanctuary and SGU.

      What do you mean “House/Bones shuffle”?

      • Dan says:

        It just seems that every season, House and Bones never end on the same nights and times that they started on…usually because of 24 and Idol.

        Saul Motherfucking Tigh and Edgar Allan Motherfucking Poe! Speaking of W13, did last week’s diner scene remind you of the diner scene in SG1 when Daniel was hanging out with the Ascended Ancients?

        • Ashley says:

          I think both shows are pretty entrenched right now. Bones is a solid hook on Thursdays for FOX, and I don’t see them moving House. Nobody wants to be on Monday. Fringe might be in trouble, though.

          As for SG-1: yes, yes it did. It also reminded me of season ten’s “Memento Mori,” when Vala loses her memory and works as a diner waitress.

  8. NTE says:

    I am so scared of Thursdays at this point… especially since I moved and had to give up Tivo for my cable company which does not allow me to tape two things and watch another (dear cable company, I know I am spoiled, but still: FIX THIS). It’s going to require decision making, and I hate decision making. There’s always at least one night with nothing on, or one time slot, and I spend that time cursing networks and their inability to realize that they should read my mind and schedule programs the way I think they should.

    • Abigail says:

      I have a whole process to handle this. We can only record two things at once (and watch a third thing that has already been recorded, but not a new thing) so I have to decide what I want to watch online later. I make this decision based on a) quality of online viewing, and b) if it’s a show I watch by myself or with my friends. Maybe I’ll write a post about this.

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