Let’s Talk About Kanye at the VMAs

abigailSo, I don’t watch the VMAs. I mean, first of all, VMAs or Video Music Awards are an MTV-produced award show awarding artists for music videos. Why isn’t it called the MVAs? What is that? Second of all, I don’t watch music videos, therefore, I have no interest in an award show about them. Makes sense.

However, there is one artist who makes music videos that make me want to understand the world more deeply. Her name is Taylor Swift. And she makes videos like this:

Did that not just change your life? YOU GUYS, she played BOTH PARTS. BEEN HERE ALL ALONG. WHY CAN’T YOU SEE?

Obviously, it changed my life. In fact, if you’re lucky, I might just introduce you to all her videos. We’ll see.

I guess this piece on cinema genius was nominated for Best Female Video at the VMAs. This makes perfect sense to me because a) this video cannot be for real just like b) an award show about music videos cannot be real. So, yes, this is perfect.

And she did. She won the (I kid you not) “moon man” award for that kick-ass video. Good for you, Tay. You get yours. She got up to give one of her adorbs speeches where she talks about how her life is surreal and her fans are the bomb dot com and how thank you thank you thank you.

But her speech was cut short because Kanye West got on stage and blabbed about how Beyonce should have received the award cause her video was so much better. Yes, that happened. On TV. Beyonce was all, “WHAT? STOP THAT!” and Taylor was all, “ummmm, tear drops on my guitar!” It’s heart-breaking. Are you ready?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Eff you, Kanye.

27 Responses to “Let’s Talk About Kanye at the VMAs”
  1. Ashley says:

    At first I was really confused by your bio because I didn’t know who T-Swizzle was. Now I understand.

  2. Cate says:

    Before meeting Chuck Kanye West was the only celebrity I’d ever seen in real life. I wish I’d kicked him in the shins.

  3. heatherannehogan says:

    New favorite sentence in life: Good for you, Tay. You get yours.

    We should also talk about this: After he was bounced from the VMAs he started Tweeting apologies to Tay, her mom, her fans, etc. Serena Williams had a similar outburst at a U.S. Open line judge on Saturday night that literally cost her the match. This morning she Tweeted her apologies to fans, the line judge, etc. Are Tweeted apologies necessary/acceptable? Discuss!

    • Ashley says:

      Have you seen Kanye’s apology? It is awful. Unreadable, insincere, and IN ALL CAPS.

    • Abigail says:

      I think probably they’re acceptable, because it at least shows the the celebrity feels guilty and wants to talk to their fans about it. However, I don’t get the whole “official apology” scene as a whole. People are such assholes.

  4. Jermaine says:

    At least he didn’t say “Taylor Swift does not care about black people.”

    Thank you for sharing that video. I will now giggle for the next 4 hours.

  5. myoctober says:

    I kid you not, the reason I LURVE this song is that I swear to God she’s singing about me being on the bleachers and wearing sneakers and shit. And ALAS! There she is in a band uniform with a fucking clarinet in her hand.

    Stupid Kanye.

    • heatherannehogan says:

      See, that’s the thing about T-Swizzle: she may only be 13 or whatever, but if you’ve ever felt any sort of unrequited love, she has written a song (and acted in a music video) about it!

    • Jen says:

      As a fellow marching band, clarinet-playing geek, I am right there with you.

      • Ashley says:

        Can I join in on this clarinet action? Because when I saw T-Swizzle in the stands with messy braids, glasses, and a clarinet staring all googly eyed at the cute football player, high school Ashley started screaming in horror. But then it was okay because HE TOTALLY LOVED HER TOO!!!

        • heatherannehogan says:

          Man, I can’t wait for Abs to introduce you guys to the rest of Swizzle’s repertoire.

        • Abigail says:

          When I was in high school the bandies NEVER associated with non-bandies and if a bandie dated a football player the bandie would be more ostracized by their people then the football player would be by his.

          Also, they were kind of slutty. Not going to lie.

          • Jen says:

            At my high school, the band was really big for the size of the school so people multitasked. One of our trumpet soloists was the quarterback, we had cheerleaders who were also in the color guard, and the male lead in all the school musicals was also in band. Plus, with the band vote, it was highly likely a drum major was going to be on homecoming court. I think it made it easier to be in band – there was not as much ostracism from the general population as in other high schools. That being said, nerdy clarinet girl was definitely me in high school.

      • amorporchoco says:

        Joining in on the clarinet-ness, plus overall feeling of this video. However – and yes, you can all beat me – I enjoyed Beyonce’s video more.
        Just to make it clear though, I cannot stand Kanye exactly for shit like this. While I agree that Twitter apologies feel more legit than “official apology BS” I feel that the boos pushed him. We all know how much of a crybaby Kanye is, and here he is seeking attention. Egotistical ass.

  6. Jennie says:

    I do not know what video you posted (because I’m at work and we’re not allowed to do anything fun), and I’m not for sure that I could name any Taylor Swift songs if you asked me to, but I think she is adorable and ALSO she should be allowed to kick Kanye in the balls.

  7. Ashley says:

    Okay, confession. I didn’t watch the video until just now, but I think it really did just change my life.

  8. Linster says:

    ’twas quite nice of Beyoncé to give Taylor her moment later in the awards.

    (Wanted to get that in before I watch T-Swizzle and start a new life.)

  9. Robin says:

    First of all, I just wanted to say that I love this website.

    And second of all, I love Taylor Swift. It’s inexplainable, but I adore her.

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