Fall 2009 TV Round Up: Monday!

ashleyLet me sing a little ditty for you. It’s called “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but it’s not about Christmas and instead of Andy Williams singing about gay happy meetings or whatever, it’s totally just me screaming “I LOVE TV!!” all the time for about three and a half minutes. Ever since I was in the seventh grade — when I started reading the TV Guide cover to cover, including listings — Season Premiere Season (SPS) has been my second favorite time of the year, but only because there are no Christmas cookies. Basically what I’m trying to tell you is that it’s like Christmas right now with all the happy and the glee (pun) because ALL MY SHOWS ARE COMING BACK!

The following five posts (check back every day for a new one) have everything EVERYTHING you will need to know in order to have the most awesome SPS possible. I watch a lot A LOT of TV so I figure that it’s only fair that I share my wealth of knowledge and TV Info finding skillz with the rest of you. Also, I am slightly OCD and anal retentive, so making this list/guide/thing is basically the mental equivalent of a really good vacation for a normal person. I have issues.

Here’s what you need to know. Within each day is four categories: 1) Shows you should be watching in order of their time-slots (which includes my favorite shows and pilots I know I will love), 2) Pilots that I am trying out to see if I like ’em, 3) Shows you might be watching that I don’t watch, and 4) Shows you should stay away from. I have provided network and time-slot information, including the premiere dates, for each show. On the last day, at the bottom of the post I will also include a list of shows already in progress and a list of upcoming shows — most of which are mid-season replacements coming some time in 2010 — and other Fall TV related links that you might find useful. Bon Appetit!

FOX, 8/7 Central

Despite my iffy feelings about last season’s finale (involving House hallucinating Cuddy sex because something is wrong in his brainpan), I am really looking forward to this season of HouseHouse is a show that takes creative risks all the time — and while it doesn’t always succeed — it’s always trying to push past its procedural nature. I have to admire that, as frustrating as it can be sometimes. And honestly, the show is so enjoyable due to the presence of the irrepressible Hugh Laurie that it’s easier to let things slide. On the other hand, that enjoyment is one of the reasons that last season’s finale made me so mad. I just felt cheated. I’ve had some time to sit with it, though, and I’ve decided that I’m okay with the storyline as long as they don’t take the easy way out.  House as a character — grouchy, super-smart, and pessimistic — is the premise of the show, and if he changes, the show is gone. With that said, however, I think it’s time for a change. There is no way that a person could realistically live through all the things House has been through and not have it affect them, one way or another. Something’s gotta give, and the opening arc with House in a mental hospital is the perfect time for it.  So: House writers, I’m looking at you. Don’t eff it up. (Premieres 9/21/09)

How I Met Your Mother
CBS, 8/7 Central

This is quite simply one of the most enjoyable shows on television right now. I’m not a huge fan of sitcoms with laugh tracks, but How I Met Your Mother manages to overcome that distaste.  The characters are lovable, the stories are goofy, hilarious, and original, and it has Neil Patrick Harris in it. This season promises some great Barney/Robin tension and the distinct possibility that we might actually learn something about The Mother. And I really think it’s time. Five seasons of a show called How I Met Your Mother and no Mother to be found? Get on it, Mosby! (Premieres 9/21/09)

Gossip Girl
CW, 9/8 Central

This show exhausts me, but I can’t stop watching it. Last season ended with a bunch of things and people coming together and a bunch falling apart. The rich and glamorous Upper East Siders have graduated high school — except for Little J — and moved on to college. As the show has always been solidly built into the social structures and hierarchies of a fancy prep school, Gossip Girl is now facing that age-old TV condundrum: the transition period. Buffy did it, Gilmore Girls did it. It was rough, but they pulled through. Both of those were shows rooted in something else, so I find myself wondering just exactly what Gossip Girl can be rooted in this season. Is it realistic at all for Gossip Girl to follow these kids to college? Is anyone in college even going to care about Serena/Dan/Blair/Chuck? With that said, there are some storylines I’m really looking forward to. Michelle Trachtenberg’s Georgina as Blair’s roommate, for one. And mysterious lovechild of Rufus and Lily being the other. XOXO. (Premieres 9/14/09)

The Big Bang Theory
CBS, 9:30/8:30 Central

Thanks to my friend Krystal, I had an unplanned two day marathon of Big Bang Theory‘s first season a couple days ago. I loved it; I watched it so fast I can’t even really remember what happened. This show is the epitome of Geekdom. It is the Holy Grail of Geektopia. It is so much fun. I have yet to watch the second season, but it comes out on DVD pretty soon so I don’t imagine I’ll have much trouble catching up. My only quibble with the show is that — due to some probably fanfic-related mishaps — I was under the impression that the main relationship of the show would be  Penny (the beautiful girl next door) and Sheldon (the hopelessly antisocial theoretical physicist and genius), and not Penny and Leonard (Sheldon’s more normal roommate, played by Roseanne‘s Johnny Galecki) which is the actual case. As a result of this mishap, I spent the first half of the show waiting for Penny/Sheldon clues, only to realize that I was in for a sore disappointment. I’m still getting over it. Regardless, this show is worth your time. (Premieres 9/21/09)

ABC, 10/9 Central

Last season I tuned in to this show for one reason and one reason only: Mr. Nathan Fillion, my future husband and father of my children. I was pleasantly surprised. While the main draw of Castle is still Mr. Fillion, silly and goofy and good looking and arrogant show stealer that he is — he’s not the only thing the show has going for it. I was a bit iffy on the casting of Stana Katic at first, but she’s grown on me and as time goes by I imagine her chemistry with Fillion will only intensify. It’s a good fun hour of television that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and at it’s best, has the potential to bring you nothing but joy. It reminds me — not so coincidentally — of first season Bones (and we all know how awesome that turned out.) So: jump on the bandwagon now! (Premieres 9/21/09)

Pilot Watch:

  • Accidentally on Purpose — All of the critics say that this show is dumb and that it is going to fail, which of course makes me want to watch it. (CBS, 8:30/7:30 Central)

I Don’t Watch These, But You Might: Heroes (I’m so far behind!), Dancing With the Stars, Lie to Me, CSI: Miami.
Stay Away From: One Tree Hill, Trauma, Two and a Half Men, The Jay Leno Show (applies to all week nights, in principle).

– – –

Don’t forget, this time tomorrow: Tuesday!

23 Responses to “Fall 2009 TV Round Up: Monday!”
  1. heatherannehogan says:

    Okay, see, FarmVille was made for people like you. I can’t believe you shouted at Abigail and I for strategizing about our farms.

  2. heatherannehogan says:

    Also: Pilot Inspektor!

  3. abigailmschilling says:

    Gossip Girl tonight, bitches!

  4. Jennie says:

    Thank you for telling people to stay away from Two and a Half Men. The world needs to know.

  5. Emily says:

    Two and a half men isn’t bad! I poop on you Ashley. The rest I agree with, however.
    P.S. Join Farmville.

  6. myoctober says:

    I am SO fracking/frelling/fucking excited for this.

  7. Jen says:

    I totally agree with you about house. And why did 2 of the season finales I was most anticipating end up being illusions created by some sort of brain issue? It’s like ending a story with “then the alarm clock went off; it was all a dream!” Completely unfair.

  8. Sabs says:

    Love this! Can’t wait for more. Add to Google Reader? Done and done!

  9. Dan says:

    Agree with pretty much all of this–except Gossip Girl, not because I think it’s bad, just because I don’t really like shows about teenagers unless they have some kind of superpower.

    And, personally, a small part of me wants Leno’s show to be a fiery, spectacular wreck.

  10. NTE says:

    Oh I am so excited to find you and your big damn heroes! Google Reader, meet your newest friend.

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