Book Review: The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown, you shameless hussy. With that said, however, I think there’s something to be said for a book as wildly popular as this one will certainly be. So before I start ripping him apart for the purposes of humor and also being right, I would just like to make it known that I do … Continue reading

Highlights from Jacob’s Gossip Girl Recap, 3X02 — “The Freshmen”

[“The Freshmen” — Everybody learns things. Blair learns that her mad socialite skillz are useless at NYU. Dan learns that he is the Queen of Awesome at NYU, and also how to give people second chances, but only if they’re being like him. Serena goes crazy again, sort of, and Chuck learns that when Serena … Continue reading

SyFy Summer Programming Comes to a Close: What Next?

With a much talked about name change, the Sci-Fi channel, now SyFy, transformed itself from a caterpillar into another, different looking caterpillar on the night that Warehouse 13 debuted back in July. Better people than me have discussed the pointlessness and silly rhetoric accompanying this transformation ad nauseum, so I won’t take the discussion further. … Continue reading

TV’s Best/Worst/Weirdest: Sept 20-26

This was a fun week. A whole slough of premieres and pilots that had me freaking out about how I was going to handle the rest of my life (summers always get me out of whack). Plus, I’m trying to catch up on Bones before I miss much more of Season 5. But, um, I … Continue reading

Bones 5X02 — “The Bond in the Boot”

“I try not to get attached to my assistants. I have learned that even the best ones can disappoint.” Temperance Brennan – – – This episode is standard Bones. Funny, entertaining, and gross as hell, with a little extra something on top. But it was also not typical Bones, because the CIA and spies and … Continue reading

Wednesday: Season Premiere Reminders for Tonight

Hey, y’all! So my job (the one that pays me) has like eaten my face off today. I was busy making a website go live and writing some! text! with! lots! of! exclamation! points! Ah, marketing, you and your ways. ANYWAY, there is A LOT of TV tonight. I’m not going to give any commentary … Continue reading

Highlights from Jacob’s Gossip Girl Recap, 3X01 — “Reversals of Fortune”

[You might not know this, but we at Big Damn Heroes have this thing with Jacob Clifton over at Television Without Pity. We are basically in love with his words. I thought it might be handy to provide you with examples of why. You don’t necessarily have to have seen the episode in order to … Continue reading

Tuesday: Season Premiere Reminders for Tonight

How was your TV time last night? I caught the premieres of How I Met Your Mother (LOVE) and Big Bang Theory but haven’t gotten to Gossip Girl yet. Just as well because Jacob’s recap from last week wasn’t up yet and it unordered my whole world. Better to just watch GG tonight. Plus, I … Continue reading

Ten reasons you should be watching “Gossip Girl”

If you’re not watching Gossip Girl by now, you will never, ever, ever know me. (Oooh, oooh.) Seriously, guys, I know you’re busy having a life and whatever, but there is really no excuse for you if you’re not watching Gossip Girl by now. If we’re lucky, the show will maintain it’s current level of … Continue reading

Monday: Season Premiere Reminders for Tonight

Last Monday, Ashley told us what was happening during SPS and what she would be watching. I’m pretty clueless about when shows happen (trust me, I don’t know how to find channels on my TV because I just leave it all up to the DVR) so I thought I’d copy/paste the Ausiello Cheat Sheet for … Continue reading

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